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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

Massachusetts, April 22 – April 26


4 Edmunds Street #M102: Jean V Morin Nt and Jean V. Morin of Adams to William M. Gracyk, $165,000 on 05/01/2024

18 Victory Street: Alexandra Management LLC of Adams to Herion Karbunara, $30,000 on 04/29/2024


74 S Cove Road: James E. Laramy and Holly E. Desantis of Becket to James E. Laramy, $150,000 on 05/02/2024


517 N State Road: Wayne Arnold of Cheshire to Brett Gelinas, $310,000 on 05/01/2024

832 S State Road: Alan C. Thurston of Cheshire to Paul A. Trzcinski, $110,000 on 04/30/2024


30 Centennial Avenue: Dale Buck and Roger Buck of Dalton to Robert W. Moniz and John D. Cooney, $170,000 on 04/29/2024

1083 South Street: Huska Florence M Est and William M. Huska 3rd of Dalton to Quinlan H. Squires, $249,900 on 04/30/2024


148 Hillsdale Road: Brown Robert A Est and Douglas S. Brown of Egremont to Caitlin L. Scott, $305,500 on 05/03/2024

Great Barrington

3 Reed Street: Erik T. Raymond and Amy D. Raymond of Great Barrington to Emily Zelenovic, $495,000 on 05/03/2024

26 Pearl Street: Keith A. Pelletier and Christine L. Pelletier of Great Barrington to Cameron J. Mcclusky and Julia R. Lemyre, $540,000 on 05/01/2024

29 Wyantenuck Street: Forte Vera C Est and Antoine Alston of Great Barrington to Frederick D. Stevens and Anna White, $240,000 on 05/01/2024

35 Pine Street: Andres W. Johansson and Amalae F. Mccloud of Great Barrington to Mary R. Smith, $502,500 on 05/03/2024

36 Castle Lane: Gregory P. Dilisio and Laurie M. Hahrrison of Great Barrington to Sophie Morris, $411,500 on 05/02/2024

453 Stockbridge Road: David R. Thorne and Terry L. Thorne of Great Barrington to Cdcsb Thornewood Inc, $1,365,000 on 04/30/2024


Corey Road #353: Victor H. Drapala and Deborah A. Drapala of Hancock to Nancy L Foote RET and Nancy L. Foote, $152,500 on 05/01/2024

9212 Mountainside Drive #9212: Brendan V. Walsh and Melissa A. Walsh of Hancock to James Shepheard-Walwyn and Carol Shepheard-Walwyn, $630,000 on 04/30/2024


122 Holmes Road: Kimberly Kaczala of Hinsdale to Landen S. Jamula and Alyssa E. Mercier, $210,000 on 05/01/2024

249 S Shore Road: Mary K. Bazanchuk of Hinsdale to Paul J. Bazanchuk and Teresa L. Ohare, $85,288 on 05/03/2024

346 Michaels Road: Margaret C. Dimouro of Hinsdale to Guy E. Patston and Hope I. Patston, $472,500 on 04/30/2024


12 Bangor Street: Lawrence Prince and Renee Prince of Lanesboro to Gregory N. Newman, $388,000 on 05/01/2024


60 S Prospect Street: Norma E Maroney RET and Wiliam J. Maroney 3rd of Lee to D J. Mooney, $300,000 on 04/30/2024

365 Water Street: Plankey Ft and Robert J. Plankey Jr of Lee to Owen M. Hunter, $222,000 on 04/29/2024


6 Rolling #5: Mary J. Ramos of Lenox to James S. Cooper and Lori S. Coliander, $295,000 on 04/30/2024

27 Housatonic Street: North Sandy Brook LLC of Lenox to Sccd 27 Housatonic LLC, $1,020,000 on 05/02/2024

29 Church Street: North Sandy Brook LLC of Lenox to Sccd 29 Church LLC, $940,000 on 05/01/2024

40 Sargent Brook Road: Laurel Lake Reaty Nt and Jeffrey B. Sagalyn of Lenox to Robert D. Flynn and Susan D. Flynn, $882,500 on 04/30/2024

113-115 Walker Street #1: Holly A. Terry of Lenox to Lawrence R. Friedman and Aviva E. Wichler, $276,000 on 05/01/2024


121 Pixley Road: Samantha Kaye and Anne M. Hart of Monterey to Jorge L. Roman and Nataly E. Marquez, $365,000 on 05/03/2024

163 Pixley Road: Harry J. Desmond and Holly M. Desmond of Monterey to Todd J. Finkle, $436,000 on 05/01/2024

North Adams

22 Marietta Street: Anthony Loguidice of North Adams to Moss Home Solutions LLC, $25,000 on 05/02/2024

50 Bracewell Avenue: Provincetown Screenwritin of North Adams to Castro S. Nyame, $52,000 on 05/03/2024

195 Eagle Street: Jorge E. Acosta and Claudia E. Acosta of North Adams to Lorraine Cote and Laurie Gonzales, $200,000 on 05/01/2024

336 Walnut Street: Timothy F. Giumarra of North Adams to James M. Pedro, $5,000 on 05/02/2024

429 Reservoir Road: Paul Curro of North Adams to Eric Cardinal, $330,000 on 05/01/2024


71 Sugarhouse Road: Jeffrey A. Moss and Karen L. Moss of Otis to John L. Daniels and Janes M. Daniels, $689,000 on 04/29/2024


3 Jones Avenue: Joanne E Brown 2009 RET and Joanne E. Brownt of Pittsfield to Kyle L. Gochey and Lillee Getchell, $275,000 on 05/01/2024

9 Gaston Drive: Andrew A Matthews RET and Andrew A. Matthews of Pittsfield to Kurt D. Daignault and Sharon J. Wong, $835,000 on 05/03/2024

15 Alma Street: Elaine A. Mack of Pittsfield to Scott R. Smith and Meghan T. Smith, $530,000 on 05/03/2024

16 Cynthia Lane #16: Joan Bassin of Pittsfield to Andrew Schmidt and Karl R. Schmidt, $400,750 on 05/01/2024

20 Silver Street: Daniel L. Guzzo and Melissa D. Guzzo of Pittsfield to Cheng W. Zhu and Li Y. Li, $190,000 on 04/30/2024

49 Holly Street: Beth A. Barzottini of Pittsfield to Jeanna L. Blair and Darlene M. Stanfield, $169,000 on 05/01/2024

72 Lillian Street: Victora A. Standring of Pittsfield to Patrick Ricchi, $330,000 on 05/01/2024

118 Elm Street: Deborah Beligni of Pittsfield to Kow LLC, $327,000 on 05/01/2024

137 High Street: Laurie A. Odonnell and Stephen M. Odonnell of Pittsfield to Suzanne Gammon, $189,900 on 04/30/2024

162 Madison Avenue: Robs Estate LLC of Pittsfield to Sarah J. Jordan, $140,000 on 04/30/2024

198 Lebanon Avenue: Gena A. Sherman of Pittsfield to Michael S. Kalinowsky Jr, $218,000 on 05/01/2024

200 W Housatonic Street #25: Donna M. Decker and Maribeth Decker of Pittsfield to Michael D. Grady and Karen Grady, $200,000 on 05/03/2024

226 Lenox Avenue: 3 Greeks LLC of Pittsfield to Lauren A. Cowlin, $229,900 on 05/02/2024

320 1st Street: Bachhoa Nguyen of Pittsfield to Dagga Mbye, $289,000 on 05/01/2024

639 East Street: Frank Bonnevie of Pittsfield to Johnson Family RE LLC, $125,000 on 04/30/2024


65 Summit Road: Chalies N. Hanson of Richmond to Clifford N. Hanson, $200,000 on 04/30/2024

800 Lenox Road: Marie Meehan of Richmond to Richard Berlin and Susanne King, $599,000 on 05/03/2024

1916 Lenox Road: Richard W. King and Sharon N. King of Richmond to Alan L. Press and Julie Press, $2,400,000 on 05/02/2024


23 Jackson Road: Garrett W. Lasage of Savoy to Kaitlyn Dobbert, $200,000 on 05/03/2024


600 West Road: Eichstedt Peter J Est and Kelly S. Bressette of Sheffield to Kristie Leigh, $298,597 on 05/02/2024

1507 Home Road: Hitchcock Thomas M Est and Anthony P. Doyle of Sheffield to Souie LLC, $360,000 on 05/03/2024


189 Stratton Road #E2: David M. Leja and Anne H. Leja of Williamstown to Tammy A. Raina, $200,000 on 04/30/2024


183 Worthington Road: Andrew N. Schmidt of Windsor to George B. Thorn and Peggy A. Thorn, $20,000 on 04/29/2024

Connecticut, April 22 – April 26


24 Eddy Road: Abm Enterprises LLC of Barkhamsted to Gee T and Elizabeth A. Vella, $358,000 on 05/02/2024


3 Lake Shore Drive: Todd Thompson of Goshen to Washington Prop LLC, $215,000 on 05/01/2024

12 Birchwood Lane: Greenberg Joseph H Est and Mara S. Greenberg of Goshen to Kirk T. Sanford Jr and Michele A. Sanford, $599,000 on 04/30/2024

338 Milton Road: Timothy Egan and Ann Egan of Goshen to George J. Silver, $815,000 on 05/01/2024

New Hartford

240 Main Street: Roberta Hicks of New Hartford to John Yanalavitch, $150,000 on 05/01/2024

243 Gillette Road: Murphy Denise Est and Melanie Cullerton of New Hartford to Brittany Lasco, $215,000 on 04/30/2024

North Canaan

47-49 Prospect Street: Kmcrc LLC of North Canaan to Rory Regula, $295,000 on 04/30/2024

70 Church Street #A2: John Cattelan of North Canaan to Melissa Gandolfo, $135,000 on 05/01/2024

170 Ashley Falls Road: Nine Of Cups LLC of North Canaan to Ronald Orlando Jr and Linda Orlando, $167,500 on 04/29/2024


4 Apple Way: Elena K. Pavloff and James Dwyer of Salisbury to Charles Newton and Charles P. Newton, $585,000 on 05/03/2024

14 Wells Hill Lane: James W. Davis and Meagan C. Davis of Salisbury to Friday Jones Ct LLC, $5,045,000 on 05/03/2024

27 Orchard Street: Elizabeth S. Hobby of Salisbury to Nicole M. Roy and Terry C. Roy, $330,000 on 05/02/2024


20 Cook Street: 20 Cook St LLC of Torrington to Joel Martinez, $322,000 on 05/01/2024

49 Nelson Street: Bear Stearns Asset Backed and Us Bank TCo Na of Torrington to 215 Jefferson LLC, $165,001 on 05/03/2024

49 Windtree Street: Adorno Yvonne L Est and Debora A. Dlugokinski of Torrington to Studelska Lt and Charles L. Studelska, $360,000 on 04/30/2024

64 Victoria Street: Jane R. West of Torrington to Eugenio O. Cedillo, $235,000 on 05/03/2024

89 Benham Street: Manuel E. Castillo of Torrington to Diana C. Cardenas, $365,000 on 05/01/2024

174 Brightwood Avenue: Robert Summa and Louise Summa of Torrington to John R. Cilfone Jr and Pamela F. Cilfone, $72,500 on 04/29/2024

187 Lovers Lane #67: Mclp Asset Co Inc of Torrington to Matthew Glennon Jr, $180,000 on 04/29/2024

207 Roulin Street: Diego P. Alvear-Sarmiento and Charlene Alvear-Sarmiento of Torrington to Triscia Gordon and Verona H. Byles, $305,000 on 05/03/2024

313 Meyer Road: Adam B. Feaser and Ericka K. Feaser of Torrington to Donna Browning, $305,000 on 05/01/2024

337 Ledge Drive #337: Henk O. Margaret of Torrington to Andrew Breault, $240,000 on 04/30/2024

633 E Main Street: Shawn M. Shanahan and Christina M. Shanahan of Torrington to Odayris Estevez and Belsy Pujois, $260,000 on 04/30/2024

1140 Torringford Street: Dongmei Shi of Torrington to Joseph Skridulis and Gloria Skridulis, $410,000 on 04/29/2024

1210 Torringford West Street: Lori Corbett of Torrington to Jason Sovia, $240,000 on 04/29/2024


11 Orchard Street: Metropolitan Life Inc of Winchester to Keith F. Tracy and Matthew L. Tracy, $164,000 on 04/30/2024

90 Colony Drive: Judith R. Meunier of Winchester to Lucas Hasten, $255,000 on 04/30/2024

111 Riverton Road #55: Samiullah Butt of Winchester to Anita Nicholson, $182,000 on 04/29/2024

124 Forest Avenue: Joseph P. Keevers and Deborah R. Keevers of Winchester to John Avery and Michelle Avery, $330,000 on 05/02/2024

361 Winchester Road: Christopher E. David of Winchester to Tyler A. Goodman and Kaitlyn D. Goodman, $329,900 on 05/02/2024

New York, April 12 – April 17


257 Sutherland Road: Henry Hart and Margaret Wallin-Hast of Chatham to David Levy and Chelsea Levy, $2,542,000 on 04/23/2024


342 Route 217: Gregory M. Jornov of Claverack to Timothy E. Meltz and Destiny L. Couvertier, $153,700 on 04/24/2024


61 Trout Creek Road: Jasper Fox Sr and Jessica L. Fox of Clermont to Lauren C. Housman and Adam Housman, $695,300 on 04/24/2024


114 County Rte 7a: Meir Benudis of Copake to 114 Emb Realty LLC, $310,000 on 04/19/2024


115 Tice Hill Road: Gavriel Cohen and Lily Morris of Ghent to Amy Bonville, $280,000 on 04/23/2024


273 Fairview Avenue: Moises Ortiz of Greenport to Carlos J. Gomez-Munoz, $200,000 on 04/24/2024


345 State Street: Rodney Dejong of Hudson to Charles E. Williams Jr, $565,000 on 04/23/2024


139 Baxter Road: Carol B. Adams of Livingston to Jaime Vinas and Ghislaine Vinas, $207,000 on 04/23/2024


236 Route 25: Susanne Ferrari of Stockport to Peter M. Palleschi and Danielle R. Palleschi, $135,000 on 04/24/2024

238 Route 25: Susanne Ferrari of Stockport to Peter M. Palleschi and Danielle R. Palleschi, $135,000 on 04/24/2024


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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