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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.


Massachusetts, March 11 – March 15


42 Grove Street: Ma Hsng Fin Agency of Adams to Trevor W. Crombie, $112,000 on 03/13/2024


27 Prentice: Emily J. Gunn and Citizen Bank Na of Becket to Citizens Bank Na, $244,000 on 03/11/2024

27 Prentice: Citizens Bank of Becket to Louis Ttallarita, $142,000 on 03/11/2024

71 Pine Dale Circle: David A. Bonney and Phh Mortgage Corp of Becket to Phh Mortgage Corp, $152,228 on 03/15/2024


57 Pinecrest Drive: James R. Kendall of Dalton to Robert J. Davis and Mia C. Davis, $615,000 on 03/14/2024

60 Oak Street: Joan E. Blazick of Dalton to Dinah Russell, $260,000 on 03/15/2024

Great Barrington

29 Church Street: Robin R. Hyman of Great Barrington to Berkshire Plastic Hldg LL, $675,000 on 03/15/2024

89 Taconic Avenue: Benjamin S. Doren and Mariah C. Doren of Great Barrington to Hillary G. Holmes and Rory Holmes, $800,000 on 03/15/2024


61 Greylock Estates Road: Charles Hobby and Amelia Wilson of Lanesboro to Thomas A. Cappaert and Kimberly A. Munroe, $475,000 on 03/15/2024


110 Tyringham Road: Patrick A. Allen of Lee to Julia T. Suor, $260,000 on 03/15/2024

307 Church Street: Frjf Nt and Rita M. Chittenden of Lee to James R. Kendall and Cassidy Kendall, $850,000 on 03/14/2024


2 Morgan #3: Gregory Maichack and Mary J. Maichack of Lenox to Elisabeth S. Chapman, $276,000 on 03/14/2024

8 Rolling #12: Miriam Gluck of Lenox to Gregory J. Maichack and Mary J. Maichack, $310,000 on 03/14/2024

45 Holmes Road: William J. Hopper and Judith M. Hopper of Lenox to 474 Pittsfield Rd LLC, $90,000 on 03/14/2024

North Adams

13 Pebble Street: Rex Rt and Maia Robbins-Zust of North Adams to Likai Wang and Jun Dong, $130,000 on 03/15/2024

13-15 Freeman Avenue: Gregory V. Quinn of North Adams to Tanya L. Biggs, $156,250 on 03/14/2024

137 Bracewell Avenue: 137 Bracewell LLC of North Adams to Andrew Super and Melissa Olen, $265,000 on 03/11/2024


1 Claire: Pittsfield City Of of Pittsfield to Marjorie R. Dawley, $1 on 03/13/2024

2 Pondview Drive #C: Paul M. Maloy and Ursula A. Maloy of Pittsfield to Jacqueline Gilardi, $230,000 on 03/12/2024

3 Burke Avenue: Jamie L. Jeske and Freedom Mortgage Corp of Pittsfield to Freedom Mortgage Corp, $128,951 on 03/11/2024

9 High Street: Kelsie M. Reynolds of Pittsfield to Brenda G. Bigelow and Francesca Bigelow, $185,000 on 03/15/2024

26 Wellington Avenue: Rigonato Construction LLC of Pittsfield to Taylor Botto and Robert Botto, $250,000 on 03/14/2024

37 Elaine Drive: Ors Ft and Robert O. Elliott of Pittsfield to David Kokindo Jr and Kaleigh T. Mclellan, $270,000 on 03/13/2024

40 Baldwin Avenue: Timothy F. Horrigan of Pittsfield to Hazhen T. Mama and Razhan Madhar, $338,000 on 03/12/2024

139 Madison Avenue: Cross Dev Berkshires LLC of Pittsfield to Carlos Rigonato and Marcio J. Silva, $140,000 on 03/13/2024

146 Imperial Avenue: Michel J. Mayberry and Christine M. Mayberry of Pittsfield to Timothy J. Boughal and Catherine J. Yu, $420,000 on 03/13/2024

147 Mill Street: Yellowbrck Property LLC of Pittsfield to Joy Duffy, $216,900 on 03/11/2024

195 Onota Street: Gerald F. Colvin Jr of Pittsfield to Zuccos Real Estate LLC, $155,000 on 03/12/2024

395 Lebanon Avenue: Liborio W. Scaccia of Pittsfield to Allen C. Scaccia and Danielle M. Scaccia, $320,000 on 03/15/2024


292 Shore Road: Beth R Richter RET and Beth R. Richter of Richmond to Fern Cliff Properties LLC, $423,000 on 03/15/2024


90 Hosford Road: Wendy S. Baker and John H. Scott of Savoy to Bradley-Scott Ft and Lawrence D. Bradley, $135,000 on 03/12/2024


342 Clayton Road: Fortios Efthimiou of Sheffield to Segundo R. Lliguichuzhca, $155,000 on 03/13/2024

510 Silver Street: Nancy Mcgirr and Francis Dsouza of Sheffield to Melissa L. Ingersoll, $160,000 on 03/15/2024


194 Water Street: Cable Mills Investors LLC of Williamstown to 194 Water Hoffbros LLC, $182,500 on 03/14/2024

Connecticut, February 20 – March 15


29 W River Road: Doris H. Bunbar of Barkhamsted to Renee D. Epstein, $365,000 on 03/12/2024


530 E Hyerdale Drive: Thomas Suskin and Stephanie R. Suskin of Goshen to Lynn A. Neils and Gregory T. Smith, $775,000 on 03/15/2024

New Hartford

16 Cotton Hill Road: Rcf 2 Acquisition T and Us Bank Na Tr of New Hartford to Andrew H. Koczon, $181,231 on 03/13/2024

North Canaan

5 Greene Avenue: Finnegan Patricia A Est and Anthony E. Monelli of North Canaan to Kelly Pennebaker, $255,900 on 03/11/2024

76 S Canaan Road: Blackberry Farms LLC of North Canaan to Yunxiao Qiao, $320,000 on 03/11/2024


5 Bloomer Lane: Bloomer Lane LLC of Salisbury to Angela C. Yu and Xin Yu, $355,000 on 03/15/2024

10 Cooper Hill Road: Virginia Knittel of Salisbury to Elizabeth B. Juusola and Peter A. Juusola, $629,500 on 03/13/2024

230 Lime Rock Road: Frances S. Cuneo of Salisbury to Benjamin & Kristen Fay Ft and Benjamin Fay, $1,570,000 on 03/15/2024


1 Skiff Mountain Road: Lesley Dallas of Sharon to Lsf9 Master Participation and Us Bank, $1 on 03/11/2024

423 Cornwall Bridge Road: Gradowski Stephen J Est and Edward T. Gradowski of Sharon to Eileen Tedesco, $769,400 on 03/14/2024


5 Cedar: Joann L. Cordano of Torrington to William M. Miller and Nicole Cordano, $172,000 on 03/11/2024

34 4 Story Lane: Emma Tyrrell of Torrington to Alex G. Deering and Nicole H. Deering, $300,000 on 03/13/2024

84 Winsted Road: Qingyun Chen of Torrington to Manoly Busath and Bennett Busath, $285,000 on 03/11/2024

94 Wadhams Avenue: Brandon Goldberg of Torrington to Denise Mckinnon and Sean Mckinnon, $325,000 on 03/11/2024

95 Berkshire #95: Torrington City Of of Torrington to Northstar One LLC, $126,000 on 03/14/2024

99 Harwinton Avenue: Kevin Fogle of Torrington to Sean C. Rishar, $170,000 on 03/11/2024

102 Red Mountain Avenue: Torrington City Of of Torrington to Apex Rlty Ventllc, $116,000 on 03/14/2024

144 Spring Street: Julie A. Beers of Torrington to Timothy R. Murray and Candy L. Singer, $210,000 on 03/12/2024

156 Pulaski Street: Russell Gorman Jr and Russell T. Gorman Sr of Torrington to Shawn B. Waterman, $270,000 on 03/11/2024

195 Beechwood Avenue: Torrington City Of of Torrington to Northstar One LLC, $93,000 on 03/14/2024

246 Cliffside Drive #246: Stephen D Brenner Lt and Stephen D. Brenner of Torrington to Thomas M. Wall and Michelle L. Wall, $285,000 on 02/20/2024

421 S Main Street: Torrington City Of of Torrington to Karan Garewal and Pratibha Garewal, $88,000 on 03/14/2024

2125 Highland Avenue: Torrington City Of of Torrington to Northstar One LLC, $116,000 on 03/14/2024


38 S Main Street: Brian Houle of Winchester to Gary Murtagh, $172,500 on 03/01/2024

46-48 Rock Street: Rosa M. Tormo of Winchester to Sean P. Brady, $245,000 on 03/04/2024

New York, March 4 – March 7


3 Spruce Street: Thomas M. Dachelet and Alyson R. Dachelet of Ancram to Michael Solomon and Joy Solomon, $890,000 on 03/07/2024


121 Queechy Lake Drive: Deborah A. Quinn-Zito and Michael Zito of Canaan to Queechy Lake Partners LLC, $499,000 on 03/07/2024


20 Melvin Road: Kelly Thorn and Rosemarie L. Valentine of Copake to Frank Clegg and Sandra Clegg, $160,000 on 03/04/2024

25 Miles Road: Cupcakeflsproperties LLC of Copake to Michael D. Williford and Joel Acevedo, $310,000 on 03/05/2024


132 Decker Road: Sara Nesbitt of Gallatin to Hill Top Studio LLC, $362,500 on 03/06/2024


1000 Route 6: Michael A. Gollinger and Andrea M. Gollinger of Germantown to John W. Kemp 3rd, $487,500 on 03/07/2024


262 Lincoln Boulevard: Albb Holdings LLC of Greenport to Raymond I. Simmons and Joan M. Simmons, $130,000 on 03/05/2024


2 Spring Street: Peter Rowe of Hudson to Arnon Moscona and Adele M. Bueno, $297,000 on 03/06/2024

10 Warren Street: Hudson City Of of Hudson to 10-12 Warren Hotel LLC, $635,000 on 03/07/2024

New Lebanon

U S 20: Kathleen K. S-Mccumber and Diane Dibuono of New Lebanon to Michael Soldato, $135,699 on 03/04/2024

179 Churchill Road: Robert F. Sutherland and Sandra J. Sutherland of New Lebanon to Maria D. Calle-Rojas and Maria D. Saldana, $125,000 on 03/06/2024

466 20 #S: Kathleen K. S-Mccumber and Diane Dibuono of New Lebanon to Michael Soldato, $241,873 on 03/04/2024


319 Cty Rte 26a: Thomas E. Shumsky of Stuyvesant to Belltown Farms 23 LLC, $230,000 on 03/04/2024


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Berkshire region real estate sales

Weekly real estate transactions for Berkshire County in Massachusetts, Litchfield County in Connecticut, and Columbia County in New York.

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