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Berkshire Elections 2024: Letters

Readers of The Berkshire Edge write in on local Berkshire County elections.

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Carole Owens will be an effective leader as Stockbridge town moderator

To the editor:

I am writing to endorse Carole Owens for Moderator in Stockbridge. I have worked with Carole for several years and can confidently say she possesses the leadership qualities to facilitate moving through the town meeting agenda while maintaining order and civility.

Carole is a proven leader in the community and knows how to run an effective meeting, leaving nothing and nobody short-changed. She does her homework, believes strongly in the town meeting as the people’s meeting, and tries to see both sides of any given issue.

I thank Gary Johnston for serving our town for so many decades, but I believe having a woman in this leadership position will bring diversity of thought and possibly inspire others to serve and participate in town government.

To learn more about why Carole is running and the specific ideas and skills she will bring to the moderator job, please visit her campaign website.

Teresa O’Brient


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Sheffield recycles

I applaud everyone who is part of Sheffield’s collective commitment to recycling and reuse. In doing so, money is saved, jobs are supported, and our solid-waste footprint is hopefully reduced as smart environmental choices are made daily.

Great Barrington’s decision to outsource lifeguards at Lake Mansfeld to a questionable Georgia-based company is concerning

BSRCC has been a cornerstone of our community, ensuring quality and safety at Lake Mansfield for nearly two decades. It’s disheartening to see our town prioritize cost-savings over community loyalty, support for the local workforce, and quality service.

Let’s keep Stockbridge politics civil and truthful

Vote your conscience for your preferred candidates.

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