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BerkShares Business of the Month: Braise Worthy

Braise Worthy has a unique business model: Through a direct-to-consumer subscription service, meals are delivered weekly to three pick-up locations throughout the southern Berkshires.

Great Barrington — On a weekend trip to the Berkshires in 2012, Jeffrey Blaugrund entered a tried-and-true recipe from his New Mexico roots into a chili cookoff at the then Meat Market in Great Barrington. To his surprise, and perhaps the dismay of some local contestants, his Carne Adovada dish won! At the suggestion that he begin selling the red chili and pork stew, Blaugrund became consumed by the idea of starting a business.

Moonlighting as a CrossFit coach, Blaugrund loved the routine and convenience of prepared meals that allowed him to maintain his fitness goals and made for quick desk lunches during his busy day. In thinking through his business idea, he realized that it’s not one great product that makes a business, but rather “the value proposition of quality sourcing, thoughtful cooking and a convenient, delicious result.” Enter Braise Worthy: a line of frozen meals that Blaugrund and co-founder Austin Banach say are “exactly what you want to eat when you don’t have time.”

These aren’t your grandpa’s TV dinners. Anyone who has ever braised anything knows the cooking process can take hours to develop flavors and tenderize meats. They also know it tastes best after a night in the refrigerator, so all meals are flash frozen immediately after production to preserve freshness and taste. Each of Braise Worthy’s meals showcase locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, masterful cooking and creative recipe development. From the Beef Satsivi, a regional specialty from the Republic of Georgia, and Mississippi Pot Roast with pepperoncinis and homemade ranch dressing to the vegan Menudo that calls upon mushrooms to replicate the texture of tripe in the classic Mexican soup, Braise Worthy’s products respectfully honor the tradition of each dish while bringing it new life.

Braise Worthy has a unique business model, too. Through a direct-to-consumer subscription service, meals are delivered weekly to three pick-up locations throughout the southern Berkshires. Blaugrund and Banach say this format gives them flexibility when it comes to research and development while sustainably scaling their business operations. In addition to feeding the masses at community events, their baby blue taco truck can be seen traveling around the county, acting as a testing ground for new recipes. Braise Worthy will soon be releasing seven more dishes, offering a total of 16 omnivorous and vegan menu items.

Fundamental to Braise Worthy’s commitment to quality and consistency is transparency: That’s why each batch of its slow-cooked meals includes an ingredient tracker that allows customers to see exactly where their food is coming from. Blaugrund and Banach source their proteins and vegetables from local farms as much as possible, including fellow BerkShares businesses North Plain Farm and Mayflower Farm. The same commitment to transparency is why they decided to take BerkShares. BerkShares distinguish local businesses from global counterparts and make visible how money circulates in the region. As they continue to iterate and grow, Blaugrund and Banach look forward to deepening their connection to the local economy and community.


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