It’s Friday. It’s the 87th day of the year. It’s the eleventh day of Spring as well as the seventh day of Aries. So, whoever you are who is celebrating your fiery and passionate birthday today: cheers to you. It’s FRIDAY that day many people set their sails in order to reach the weekend but maybe that’s a destination that no longer applies since so many folks are pivoting between two and three jobs.

Anyway, it’s still Friday. I have calculated that I have experienced 3,485 Fridays in my life. (You do the math.) As far as I can tell nothing noteworthy happened for me or in history on this particular Friday unless you count the birth, a week ago this Friday, of Marcel Marceau, the mime, as something of note. I suppose his talent was remarkable but I always perceived him to be a creepy clown. In hindsight, I find him less creepy only because of the more looming creepy clowns that we have about these days.

On to something more palatable… try this: bring to mind a remarkable occurrence that you experienced on this day or any Friday of your life. How did you do? I bet that unless it’s your birthday or an anniversary of one sort or another you came up empty handed. Now bring to mind all of your worries, concerns, fretting, annoyances, frustrations that you woke up with this morning and that you are dragging along behind you as you go through this Friday. Note the disparity between your long view of Fridays past and the weight of the troubles you have today.

Now imagine that the not-so-creepy clown, Marcel Marceau, is standing in front of you miming a window, then he opens the window and with a sweeping gesture invites you to throw all of your angst out of it. You might as well accept his offer considering that in 2 weeks or 10/20/50 Fridays from now you won’t have the slightest recollection of whatever it is that is dragging you down today. Who knows, you might even free yourself up to have a really great weekend.

It’s still Friday. It’s still the 87th day of the year and the eleventh day of Spring.