Automatic Voter Registration assures government by the people

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To the Editor:

Our government is meant to represent the people, to work for us. And one simple way it can do that is to pass Automatic Voter Registration (AVR).

AVR will reduce unnecessary paperwork, save taxpayer dollars in the long run, and make our elections more secure by ensuring that our voter rolls are as accurate as possible.

But the most important thing that it will do is register as many as 700,000 eligible citizens in Massachusetts who deserve to be represented by their government. Due to the existing system this may not be the case.

I’d like to encourage our legislators to support AVR. Hope you will make your voice known too.

Honey Sharp

Great Barrington, Massachusetts

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  1. John. says:

    Automatic Voter registration expands a system which works very well now. It is quite simple. Should you wish to vote, you simply register to vote.

    Automatic voter registration obviously results in yet a bigger government and government spending. It removes individual responsibility adds work to many government agencies. Yet more tax increases.

    The primary focal point will be the DMV. How was your last trip to get your license renewed? More often than not it is a disaster.

    Additional government agencies will now get involved with voting information .
    The agencies include the department of housing and community development, the department of revenue, the department of higher education, and all public institutions of higher education.

    Automatic Voter Registration is simply a complex solution for a problem which does not exist. Period.

  2. Ken Kushi says:

    No no….
    Automatic Voter Registration followed by automatic voting next???
    The voter registration system works very well now . If You want to vote then it’s Your responsible to register yourself. Anytime the government gets involved and the word “Automatic” is used, it just adds costs and opens the door for corruption!! Establishing A Voter ID system would make more sense.

    1. John says:

      Well said Ken.
      In addition this poor idea of ‘automatic voter registration’ also exposes your personal identity to many many more ways to have it stolen. Not good .

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