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William Merelle

William Merelle lived his formative years in the heart of three picturesque provinces of the Pyrénées: Le Béarn, Basque country and the Bigorre, a region whose reputation has been built on its cuisine. Nowhere is the art of the table as diversified and honored as it is there. William attended ”Les Quatre Septembre” culinary school at the age of 14. Upon graduation he worked among the best chefs in Bordeaux, Paris and Provence. When he came to the United States, he and his then-wife Maggie invented a unique style of restaurant. Maggie Merelle's infectious enthusiasm, along with her attention to detail, complemented Williamʼs personal vision of epicurean delight and his dedication to raising the bar on his extraordinary cuisine. “Rouge! Cʼest la couleur dʼamour,” draws people from all over the country. William Merelle is no longer associated with Rouge, but Maggie continues to offer the same high quality.

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