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Jennifer Wheeler

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Jennifer Wheeler is a 35-year-old writer, doggy momma, lover of nature, rider of horses, who loves to cook and bake, and loves music. She’s also a woman who, as she says, is “recoverin’ from strugglin’ with interruptions in my life!” She is also a Peer Support Worker at the Brien Center For Mental Health And Substance Abuse Services. She lives in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Articles by Jennifer Wheeler

Voice for the voiceless: Narcan can be a lifesaver

Saturday, 12 Mar 2016 - In her latest column on heroin addiction, Jennifer Wheeler writes: "With so many people overdosing these days, it is so scary. I know this is a terrifying situation for anyone involved but I would rather be prepared than let someone die – yourself included!"

Voice for the voiceless heroin addicts

Sunday, 21 Feb 2016 - I truly believe if we all come together and see each other as the same we can really start to solve this horrible epidemic that is affecting so many.