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Victor Feldman

Victor Feldman studies political science at Brandeis University, and is the features editor of the Brandeis student newspaper, The Justice. He lives in Spencertown, New York.

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Democratic congressional primary devolves into rancorous contest

Neal has not seen tough primary challenge in years, but a new wave of liberal insurgent campaigns, from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., to Jamaal Bowman, are a warning that no congressmen, no matter how powerful, are safe.

Enrich the soil, cool the planet

Walter Jehne argues that entirely eliminating our reliance on fossil fuels is unfeasible, and that even if we did, it would not reverse the impacts of climate change. Instead, Jehne believes that regenerative agriculture and eco-restoration are the only ways to rebuild our soils, which he argues will dramatically cool the climate as well as reverse many of the symptoms of climate change.

U.S. Rep. Neal’s Democratic opponent styles herself a ‘problem solver’

Amatul-Wadud is running for Congress to address what she believes are some hard truths about the living conditions in the district that Rep. Neal and others won’t talk about.

NEWS ANALYSIS: In the Berkshires, what a difference a year makes for Senator Warren

Warren adopted a new speaking tactic and abandoned her previous style. Instead she embraced the well-worn path of a campaigner—making a more cynical appeal for quick applause by promising to fight the Republicans and leaving the details of that fight for another day.

Who would’ve thought? Kripalu generates $64 million in economic activity

“I was incredibly surprised by the magnitude of their impacts myself,” said Williams College economics professor Stephen Sheppard. “If you live in the county, you think of Kripalu as this funky, interesting yoga thing.”

Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire purchases new property in Great Barrington

CDCSB executive director Tim Geller told the Edge that his estimate is that construction on the new apartments will begin in the spring of 2021—a year later than currently scheduled—and that the rent will be “very affordable.”

Du Bois’ environmental legacy celebrated at River Walk, by his ‘golden river’

“His love of rivers and his dedication to environmental justice play a very small part, but can be a lens through which to understand his fuller achievements. There is no better place in the world to tell this part of the story, at the very spot where he was ‘born by a golden river.’ ” -- Rachel Fletcher, founder of River Walk

PS21 unveils new building and a new era for arts and culture in Chatham

Over the past decade, PS21 has built up a reputation in Columbia County and the larger upstate New York area as an ideal place for weekenders and locals alike to escape to on a Saturday night to absorb a bit of culture.

‘People Govern, Not Money’ initiative qualifies for 2018 ballot

Nineteen states and over 800 cities and towns have passed 28th Amendment resolutions with cross-partisan support. In Montana and Colorado, voters have approved 28th Amendment ballot initiatives by 75–25 percent.

Hundreds demonstrate at Park Square against Trump immigration policy, joining 700 nationwide protests

“We need immigrants. We don’t need a wall around this country.” -- U.S. Rep. Richard Neal

Antonio Delgado wins NY-19 Democratic primary

Delgado will be the first Hispanic major party nominee for the district. He’s running on a simple message of fighting for health care and economic opportunities for workers.

Greenagers provide 8 community garden beds at French Park

The project is just one in a series of efforts by Greenagers to teach teenagers and families sustainable farming practices and how to grow their own food.

Protesters rally, decry Trump immigration policy

The separation of the families originally began when, on April 6, the Department of Justice announced the original “zero tolerance” policy requiring officials to prosecute as many immigrants illegally entering the country on the southern border as possible.

Seven Democrats seek chance to unseat Republican John Faso in crucial NY-19 district

The Democratic candidates debate lasted nearly three hours and covered issues from Trump's new tariffs, how to protect the EPA and deal with a shortage of farm workers as well as questions on immigration reform, gun control and health care.

A new way to party: Daniel’s Art Party at Simon’s Rock

“One of the main objectives of the festival is to include and engage the audience in new and exciting ways – and to include the wider Berkshire community.” --- Sandy Cleary, director of the Daniel Arts Center at Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Comedienne Paula Poundstone talks about her life, upcoming performance at Fairview Hospital benefit

Often unscripted, Poundstone says that her favorite moments onstage are when she talks to audience members and uses their dialogue in the show.

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