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Susan Winston

Susan Winston is a television producer turned psychotherapist who, tiring of driving those annoying Los Angeles freeways, has moved to the Berkshires full-time and opened her private practice in Great Barrington. She specializes in work with those facing high stress, anxiety, depression, emotional reactivity, bipolar diagnosis, continued addiction recovery and more. Her motto is SHIFT HAPPENS. (Yes, sometimes she drops the ‘F”). She joins her clients in riding the tidal wave of change through heart and humor.

written articles

I am not the deer hunter (Part Two)

Deer-vehicle collisions remain the leading cause of deer mortality in Massachusetts. Last year there were 1,656 car crashes with deer between October and December. So where are all the hunters?

Let’s talk turkey!

In my eternal quest to shed my city-slicker ways, I launched my education on the Wild Turkey.

Shaking off the seasonal blues

Information about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) from local psychotherapist Susan Winston: Take SAD seriously, and please get the help you need.

VIEWPOINTS: I am not the deer hunter, but…

Sorry, Bambi, but if it’s you versus me, I plan to win. You have made driving in The Berkshires a serious hazard.

SUSAN WINSTON: Really hot stuff

"Peppers can fight cancer, lower high blood pressure and even eliminate wrinkles — that’s what I’m looking for. Just put a little hot sauce on those crows’ feet and watch them ... and your eyesight ... disappear."


Just when we thought we could breathe again...depression is back.

During SAD season, here’s what you can do to shake the blues

Depression and anxiety are the other epidemics in our world right now, a pervasive offshoot of continued COVID and all the uncertainty this virus brings.

Our frontline workers are suffering from PTSD

Frontline workers are now seeking therapy and tell me they cannot continue at this pace, and often cannot face yet another person who is going to die no matter what they do to help.

Did I shave my legs for this?

Has it occurred to anyone else that baseball is now the hairiest profession? What's a girl to do?

A salute to moms and dads in the time of COVID                                         

As parents, we did not sign up for this. We knew having kids would bring any number of challenges, but was COVID-19 in anyone’s imagination?

Love is in the air, or in the app

Meeting that special someone is no longer an organic process ... You pre-process through an app,

City Slicker to Country Girl

A transplant from Los Angeles deals with zoological adventures now that she lives in the Berkshires.

SHRINK RAP: Kale nation

Writer and psychologist Susan Winston, no fan of kale, wonders where it came from and how it has managed to have taken control over our culinary adventures.

SHRINK RAP: Why buying a bed bugs you

A local psychotherapist walks you through the underside of dealing with insomnia.

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