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Steve White

Steve White had a long career as a psychotherapist, healthcare administrator, university professor, senior executive in several publicly traded companies including Johnson & Johnson, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, author, and finally as an Episcopal priest and chaplain at Princeton University (translation: he couldn’t hold a job). Besides spending time with his wife Andrea and son Aidan, he most enjoys cooking and traveling and spotting the absurdity in just about everything.

written articles

Nikita, Angelo, and me: A memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Through a global existential crisis, I had found an unexpected and unlikely human connection with a gruff cussing politico almost four times my age who simultaneously calmed my own fears by revealing his.

POEM: At Caesar’s Wake

"Friends, Romans, countrymen..." In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Steve White ponders how Marc Antony's speech in Shakespeare’s "Julius Caesar" would sound at an Irish wake.

STEVE WHITE: Early snow, 1953

Mom is bundling me up in my snowsuit, and it is hard to move. But I’m glad because it means she’ll take me outside even though it’s dark and I should be in bed.

STEVE WHITE: My day at Ground Zero

"Rescue workers probe pockets uncovered by the excavators. Smoke rises from crevices and sometimes flames suddenly lick up, and it all reminds me of a painting of hell by Hieronymus Bosch."

Hunting coyotes made easy

The advice I got from this friendly, but wary, character was that I should never allow my son to go into the woods alone.

The [Unauthorized] GB Primer

The inside track. Beware, locals and visitors alike!

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