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Susanna Opper

Since Susanna Opper moved to the Berkshires from Manhattan in 1990, she has written for Berkshire Magazine and Berkshire Living. Her magazine writing career began at Time Life, Inc. She then transitioned to corporate communications at Federated Stores and Exxon. Since 2006 she’s been publishing Web Words, a monthly online newsletter about effective online messaging. She lives in Alford with her husband, Will Ryan.

written articles

How to grow old at home: Villages of the Berkshires to hold South County information session Oct. 5

The national "Villages" movement, which builds communities to help people grow old in their own homes, comes to South County.

A silver anniversary of visits to Nantucket

But outside of the main centers, it’s a different island. Where there were once just a few houses on the shore, now there are many. And on the parts of the island we seldom visit, the change is intense.

Lessons from the Women’s March in Washington

On Inauguration Day, I headed for Washington, D.C., my hometown, with three other Berkshire women… our hostess — who is the wife of a long-time career foreign-service officer — offered “Democracy is not a spectator sport.”

The banana at Tanglewood

“A banana? What kind of a banana?” “I can’t explain it. It’s a banana. It’s the only banana at Tanglewood."

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