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Susie Kaufman

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Susie Kaufman is a retired Hospice chaplain. She is active in the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, IWOW the monthly open mic and RIMON Resource Center for Jewish Spirituality. Susie’s spiritual writing has appeared in America, Lilith, and Presence magazines. An excerpt from her novel Otherwise entitled “The Edge of Elsewhere” was published in the Women’s Festival anthology, Writing Fire.

Articles by Susie Kaufman

Alice Marks-Koshar, 70, of Ashley Falls

Friday, 8 Jun 2018 - She was an indefatigable fighter for social causes and lived with a deep awareness of both the beauty in the world and the profound injustice that lives alongside it.

A NOVEL: ‘Over the Edge,’ Chapter 8

Sunday, 18 Mar 2018 - "Because it’s America, Tommy. Land of the fries, home of the craven. You’ll get to be you for the first time in your life and you’ll have mucho dinero in your pockets."

Hevra Kadisha, a South Berkshire Jewish Burial Society

Tuesday, 1 Sep 2015 - In my work as a Hospice chaplain, I attended many people in their last days and tried to support families anticipating loss. Sometimes, these were truly holy encounters where everyone present felt the sacred power of transition from earth to another plane.

EDGEWISE: Three cheers for ambiguity

Thursday, 5 Feb 2015 - Ambiguity, taken first thing in the morning, has untold benefits. For most people, it’s not necessary to take another dose at night since the dream world is ambiguity’s country of origin. You will be drawn there whether you like it or not.

EDGE WISE: Yearning in the age of bling

Thursday, 4 Dec 2014 - The more we gawk at $2,000 handbags, the less mental space we have for thinking about people who don’t have anything to put in a handbag.