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Some Guy Upstairs

Some Guy Upstairs has been known to go downstairs and take constitutional walks in and around the GB environs. He's not much on nature as he believes nature isn't much on him. His passions include making lists of things to do and rearranging his coat rack. Further information is hard to come by, but we have high hopes this may not be permanent. For many years Some Guy Upstairs lived far from these hills in a never-never land 9 feet below sea level.

written articles

I am here and this is now

A poem and collage by The Edge's Some Guy Upstairs.

Disaster (Man-made)

This jewel of an exhibit shows artists who are unafraid to burst the pretentious ego-inflated bubble of current artistic trends.

No Barns. No Trucks. No Chickens: An interview with the Southfield painter, Joby Baker

"I do love schmutz on the canvas,” Joby told me, straight off the bat. “It can’t make the painting any worse.”

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