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Sean Crose

Sean Crose teaches Composition and Poetry at Post University. He is also a senior writer for "Boxing Insider". Crose is a graduate of Albertus Magnus College, the University of Bridgeport, and the Act One Program. His novel "The Regulator" is set against the backdrop of Shays' Rebellion and is available at Amazon. Crose resides in Connecticut with his wife, Jen.

written articles

The real life tragedy that might have inspired Edith Wharton

In composing one of her most famous works, Edith Wharton proved that the line between reality and fiction can sometimes be a blurry one indeed.

Shays’ Rebellion: How it impacted Berkshire County, changed history

In these coronavirus times, perhaps we can take comfort in knowing that the people of Berkshire County have lived through other tumultuous times, and survived and prospered.

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