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Sheela Clary

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Sheela was born and raised in South Berkshire county, and is a long time language teacher and grant writer for youth-serving nonprofits. As a writer, with an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, she’s interested in education, issues of inequality, and literature. She is a Moth Story Slam winner and Grand Slam participant, and runs, with Joey Chernila, story nights at Fuel Bistro in Great Barrington. She lives in West Stockbridge with her husband and three children.

Articles by Sheela Clary

Addiction in the Berkshires, Sara’s story: Chapter 3

Wednesday, 10 Oct 2018 - I was needing to use constantly. I had just left the clinic, and so now I had even more of a habit because I had the heroin on top of the methadone. I was sick every two hours around the clock.

Addiction in the Berkshires, Chapter 1: Sara’s story

Monday, 8 Oct 2018 - "When I was younger, I was an A student, in the 98th percentile on all the tests. I did ballet. You wouldn’t have thought I would end up the way I did. All my teachers thought I had a lot of promise and would do well in life."

BHRSD adopts career, vocational technical education initiatives

Monday, 27 Aug 2018 - There was not the population for a dedicated vocational school and, over time, the number of programs offered dwindled. Now individual fields will not be stressed so much as the habits of mind and preparation to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.

New scholarships awarded for first generation college-goers at MMRHS

Thursday, 7 Jun 2018 - Recipients will be called the Chang-Chavkin Scholars after Arnie Chavkin and Laura Chang, founders and funders of the program and part-time residents of New Marlborough.Students selected will receive a total of $60,000, $15,000 per year for all four years of college.

BHRSD families stand to lose big under Trump’s budget

Saturday, 18 Mar 2017 - “This proposal would devastate working families. It is painfully short-sighted and makes a mockery of the President’s promise to make our country safer and to support inner cities and rural communities alike.” -- Jodi Grant, Executive Director Afterschool Alliance

VIEWPOINT: What is your Asano Park?

Friday, 11 Nov 2016 - Meet me at a candlelight gathering tomorrow, Saturday, November 12, at 5 at the Mason Library in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and bring your kids. We need to show them what the opposite of a bully looks like.

Southern Berkshire School District to appeal DOE downgrade  

Saturday, 1 Oct 2016 - “We should be celebrating the fact that when they get to high school, our students are leading the pack. Teachers do above and beyond. It’s not about a damn test; it’s about the kids.” --- Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee member Charlie Flynn

DOE downgrades Berkshire Hills, Southern Berkshire schools for low participation rates in standardized tests

Tuesday, 27 Sep 2016 - "We are punished over high stakes tests that do not augment our kids’ educations but only give the state more control over local funds. This is all about power and the market forces at play with high stakes testing companies, forces that did not exist before No Child Left Behind [2001].” --- Maria Rundle, Southern Berkshire Regional School Committee member and mother of three students in the New Marlborough Elementary School