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Rachel Portnoy

Chez Nous Bistro reflects the combined vision of the chef-and-pastry chef, husband-and-wife team of Franck Tessier and Rachel Portnoy. Soon entering their 12th year as Chez Nous, this duo worked and met in the world of French fine dining in New York and London, and moved to Lee with the idea of opening a truly casual, high-quality restaurant focused on real ingredients, prepared simply and with skill, without the trappings of fine dining. Since it’s all about the food at Chez Nous, the right ingredients are critical: local, seasonal, sustainable – not for the sake of it, but for the clear difference in quality these products bring. The menu changes with each season and French bistro classics blend appealingly with vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Truly nourishing foods – highlighting unique and delicious ingredients such as the rare ancient Einkorn grain, heirloom beans, locally produced cheeses and meats, and lots of fresh vegetables – are offered in full or half-portion options so there’s plenty of room to taste some very special homemade desserts.

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