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Ron Kujawski

Ron spent his formative years working on the family onion farm in Florida, New York. From there he went on to earn his BS, MS, and PhD in Biological Sciences from the State University of New York at Albany. After five years of developing and directing the Environmental Studies program at Simon’s Rock College in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, he moved on to the University of Massachusetts as Extension Educator in the Landscape, Nursery and Urban Forestry Program. Now retired, Ron continues to work part time for UMass Extension and as a horticultural consultant, writer, and lecturer, that is, when he is not tending his vegetable garden. He and his daughter, Jennifer, authored the book, "Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook", published by Storey Publishing.

written articles

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of January 5, 2023

Ron Kujawski has some fresh advice about how to use that leftover Christmas greenery, how not to become a seed hoarder, and easy ways to tell if your houseplants are in need of rescue.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of December 29, 2022

New Year's Eve gardening thoughts from the consummate Berkshire gardener. Find out how to keep your houseplants temperately watered, your person tick-free, and your holiday table supplied to everyone's satisfaction.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of December 22, 2022

Our master gardener takes a break from greening his thumbs to reflect on the spirit and purpose of the holidays.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of December 15, 2022

With four- and six-legged elves running rampant in our cozy, heated dwellings, take Ron's advice and protect your houseplants from pests and stress. In addition maintaining your mistletoe, Ron will help you keep all your other plants as fit as fiddleheads while we nestle in for winter.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of December 8, 2022

There's no rest for the retired, and Ron Kujawski is back with updated versions of articles from the Gardener's Checklist archives. Seeking advice on how to keep your Christmas tree alive and thriving, or how best to prepare your tools, mulch and soil for next year's planting season? Seek no further.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of November 24, 2022

This week, Ron leaves us with a cornucopia of tips to keep our homes green and lush throughout the winter—fresh chives for your salad in January, plump leaves on your houseplants in February, and, just around the corner, a blooming, floral surprise for your holiday table.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of November 17, 2022

As Berkshire gardens put on their sleeping caps, Ron has advice on the best turn-down service to lavish on your flowers, vegetables and soil. Take care to save your wood ash, protect your saplings, keep a bead on canning labels and other winter-friendly indoor gardening know-how that will keep your thumb green 'til May.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of November 10, 2022

Already looking ahead to spring? Ron's guide to bulb-planting, garden prep and other horticultural strategies will have you on the right garden path.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of November 3, 2022

If it's brown, cut it down. This and many more pithy and practical observations from Ron Kujawski, who reminds us that a pest's work is never done, that Calendula seeds can still self-sow if you let them, and how becoming a garden cartographer can save you time and aggravation next spring.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of October 27, 2022

This week, Ron Kujawski rolls up his sleeves to take on the critters, advises how best to salvage and protect spring flowering bulbs, gets proactive with outdoor mulching and straw-covering, and generally sorts you out just in time for the first hard freeze.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of October 20, 2022

With frost now regularly knocking at our horticultural door, Ron Kujawski has the facts and the figures to help you protect your late crops and prepare for spring, to safeguard your house plants and set up your perennials for success in the coming seasons.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of October 13, 2022

This week, Ron Kujawski shares his fall foliage-management tips, advice about picking raspberries and which varieties to buy for next year, as well as indispensable pointers on planting bulbs, shrubs and trees for next spring and beyond.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of October 6, 2022

Autumn has arrived, and the frosts are approaching. Ron Kujawski helps you get ahead of winter, breaking down the most efficient ways to manage fall wastes, how to protect your wooden gardening stakes from harboring spores, how to minimize die-back in your lavender bush, and, perhaps most importantly, how not to kill your beloved houseplants.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of September 29, 2022

Can you guess the one gardening chore that Ron does not enjoy? And learn here about the almost lost art of home food preservation.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of September 22, 2022

The equinox is near, harvest approaches, and powdery mildew is afoot. Ron Kujawski's advice will help you replant, protect and preserve your botanical bounties for the winter and into next spring.

GARDENER’S CHECKLIST: Week of September 15, 2022

We may be moving from summer to fall, but Ron shows us that there's still plenty to do in the garden.

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