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Rona Easton and Lonn Combs

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Rona Easton and Lonn Combs are licensed architects. Their firm EASTON+COMBS is an award winning, internationally recognized practice focused on innovative building strategies through the convergence of material practice, digital methodology and applied architectural research. Lonn is a Fellow of The American Academy in Rome, and Director of the Masters of Architecture Program at RPI. Rona is a LEED AP and a Certified Passive House Consultant, reflecting the firm’s advanced knowledge in green buildings and its commitment to construction that follows the principles of climate-specific building science and environmental stewardship. In addition, the firm designs and builds research-oriented full-scale installations, exploring applications of digital fabrication and new materials. Their studio in New Marlborough serves western Massachusetts, New York’s Hudson Valley region and beyond. For more information, visit www.eastoncombs.com.

Articles by Rona Easton and Lonn Combs

The energy efficient passive home

Friday, 15 Sep 2017 - The operation of buildings is responsible for nearly half of all the energy consumed (and 75 percent of electricity alone) and of the CO2 emitted in the U.S. This house emits nothing!