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Nick Diller

For 38 years Nick Diller was the morning host of WSBS Radio in Great Barrington, and then a cameraman for CTSB Television. When not behind the microphone or camera, Nick pursues his true passions: Weather watching, using weather records of Great Barrington dating back to 1965. He's been brewing beer since 1994. He's a master at barbecuing and grilling and often teaches others how to grill. And he makes various types of barbecue sauces under his Griller Diller label. (He grows his own hops for brewing) and being the nanny (Manny) of his granddaughter.

written articles

Nick Diller: February 2024 weather summary: Snowless

As far as February went, it was one of the warmest and driest months we’ve had this century and the last.

Nick Diller: November 2023 weather, AI weather model

Most of the storms passed by either well to the north or well to the east.

Nick Diller: Thanksgiving Day weather forecast

To you and yours, may you have a wonderful day and give thanks for all the good things we have.

Nick Diller July 2023 weather summary: Wet, warm, humid

The warmth may destroy the Gulf Stream, that vital ocean current of warm water that flows from the Gulf of Mexico through the Florida straits northeast to Europe and back.

Nick Diller’s weather summary for May 2023: Changeable

Forecasters are saying our weather is about to change back to a more New England style.

March 2023 weather summary

The figures of March 2023 showed it to be the 11th wettest with the 11th most snow.

NICK DILLER: February 2022 weather — warmer, less snow

Temperatures have been much higher than average and for longer durations.

Nick Diller: January 2023 weather — more like March — warmest in 59 years

January 2023 turned out to be the warmest January in my now 59 years of weather-keeping — every day above average and so many of them turned out to be gloomy with drizzle.

Nick Diller weather summary: December 2022 — warm and very wet

Since December 30th nearly every day has been warmer than average and so far, a brown first month of the year.

NICK DILLER: November 2022 weather summary: Third warmest since 1965

Now we need some cold so ski areas can make snow and I can dig some horseradish.

Nick Diller’s October 2022 weather summary: Spectacular foliage season

The low temperatures were not that low considering the time of year. And the nighttime lows were not as low as past readings. But this is the trend with global warming.

Record warm temperatures in November

Saturday November 5th saw a high temp of 75 degrees and a low of 60 with summer-like dew point of 64.

September 2022 Berkshire weather: Dry and warm

As far as temperatures are concerned, warmer and warmer seem to be the norm now.

NICK DILLER: August 2022 continued drought conditions

August made it three straight months of below the now 58-year mark and some of the region’s bodies of water are showing it.

NICK DILLER: July 2022 Berkshire weather summary

The July temperatures overall turned out to be a degree warmer than average, but the dew points for the first three weeks were in the very comfortable range.

June 2022 weather summary: Dry and cool

Now comes July, traditionally the hottest and stickiest month of the year. We can only hope this July will spare us.

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