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Nick Diller

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For 38 years Nick Diller was the morning host of WSBS Radio in Great Barrington, and then a cameraman for CTSB Television. When not behind the microphone or camera, Nick pursues his true passions: Weather watching, using weather records of Great Barrington dating back to 1965. He’s been brewing beer since 1994. He’s a master at barbecuing and grilling and often teaches others how to grill. And he makes various types of barbecue sauces under his Griller Diller label. (He grows his own hops for brewing) and being the nanny (Manny) of his granddaughter.

Articles by Nick Diller

May weather update

Thursday, 23 May 2019 - I have recorded only three completely (midnight to midnight) fair days this month.

Nick Diller weather summary: An ordinary March 2019

Monday, 1 Apr 2019 - The 10 inches of snow brings our running total to 54 inches for the season. The average is about 65; we probably will not make last year’s total of 95 inches, which included 42 inches for March.

NICK DILLER: Christmas prime rib

Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018 - In cold weather you will need more fuel to maintain proper temperature, so make sure you have a full bag of charcoal and, if you’re cooking your rib roast on a gas grill, at least three-quarters of a tank of propane.

NICK DILLER: A hot August 28

Wednesday, 29 Aug 2018 - A high temperature of 92 at 3:24 p.m. coupled with a dew point of 78 brought the heat index to 104.5.

Nick Diller weather summary: March 2018 snowy and cold

Monday, 2 Apr 2018 - The temperatures for March were colder than average with a mean of 33 degrees, which turned out to be the 11th coldest in the 53 years of record-keeping with a temperature of 33 degrees compared to 34.5 degrees.

Coldest day this century

Thursday, 28 Dec 2017 - The high temperature of 9 degrees represents the coldest high reading since December 22, 1989.