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Mitchell Gurfield

Mitch Gurfield is a sociologist and writer who began his teaching career at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. He has written two books on Brazil and recently completed a play titled "Drowning in America" and a short story called “A la Mode.” He was a civil rights worker in Mississippi and was a cofounder of Berkshire Greens, a local organization that dealt with environmental and social justice issues.

written articles

MITCH GURFIELD: Hail to the students

"We Will Not STOP. We Will Not REST." — A student protestor’s sign in Chicago, May 5, 2024

MITCH GURFIELD: Is Trump really a fascist?

Given Trump’s hard-right politics, criminal behavior, and hateful rhetoric, it is understandable that many people today consider him a fascist. But is this assessment really accurate?

Partners in shame: Russia and the United States

“Sadness has no ending. Happiness does.” — Vinìcius de Moraes

Climate Change: The second great denial

We need to face the truth—right now—that capitalism and a healthy planet are incompatible.

No-fly zone in Ukraine could lead to nuclear war

Mitchell Gurfield admires the sentiment of Mickey Friedman's latest article, but cautions against the advice of antagonizing a brutal Putin.

November 3, 2020: Barbarism or civilization

Trump has morphed into a fascist and, therefore, the upcoming election is the most important in American history. 

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