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Mickey Friedman

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A founding member of redcrownews.com, and former filmmaker, Mickey Friedman is the author of “A Red Family,” published by the University of Illinois Press. He is almost finished with a novel, “Danger Times Two.” Addicted to iced lattes, he can often be found pretending to write at Fuel GB. And while under the influence of caffeine, he has been known to travel as far as Price Chopper to the north and Big Y to the south.

Articles by Mickey Friedman

A NOVEL: ‘Over the Edge,’ Chapter 10

Sunday, 27 May 2018 - Natalia had grown to despise those who preyed on the weak. The innocent. Although to be fair it was harder and harder these days to find the innocent when so many had surrendered to self-absorption and greed. When there were so many bullies, child abusers, wife-beaters.

A NOVEL: ‘Over the Edge,’ Chapter 9

Sunday, 8 Apr 2018 - The machines probably thought it was improper that both a Russian agent and a now-supposed American asset had eaten Hungarian food at the same place. It could have been as simple as the machines just didn’t like palatschinke.

Eulogy for my friend Kurt Kruger

Thursday, 20 Jul 2017 - The fact is I probably talked to Kurt more than anyone else in my life. And those conversations took place over coffee for an hour or two almost every single day of our lives in recent years.


Monday, 16 Jun 2014 - Why is it we always know best? Especially when we know nothing. Why? Because we are Americans? Because we know best? That, of course, is something Republicans and Democrats can always agree upon. We not only know best, but are the best.

Another side of the story

Monday, 12 May 2014 - I understand how easy it is to imagine that those voters who don’t say yes, who don’t vote yes, just don’t care about teachers. To imagine that they don’t care about kids.

‘Holy shit, there’s dead bats everywhere’

Monday, 28 Apr 2014 - "If we assume, very conservatively, that there are two million species in the tropical rainforests, this means that something like five thousand species are being lost each year. This comes to roughly fourteen species a day, or one every hundred minutes.” -- Elizabeth Kolbert in "The Sixth Extinction"