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Lee Schwartz

Lee Schwartz is a New York and Berkshire poet. Her latest poetry appears in Writing Fire Anthology, 2, Strong Shoulders, Green Fire Press as well as Oxford Press, Gender Poetics. She is published in many Journals, including The Mom Egg, Passager and Adanna. Lee has been a two time winner of the Allen Ginsberg, Paterson Literary Review Prize. She has served as an Artist in Residence at the 92nd St Y in NYC.

written articles

POEM: Tea Leaves

Outside my apartment the windows across are black as tea

Poem: Thanksgetting

A poem on the occasion of Thanksgiving, with a reminder of the myth by which we celebrate this holiday.

POEM: Stop Asking Women to Smile

what is it about neediness that blinds a woman into denial of owning her own power to set the terms

POEM: Hell on Wheels

When hauled off in a sheriff’s cruiser for trespassing she was asked how many times she’s been arrested, “Not enough” she boomed to the forest and the birds.

EDGE WISE: Why can’t we all be trans?  

In the 21st century, we have the opportunity to break out of gendered limitations and move on to a better personhood. Women can bring their listening and cooperative values to men, and men can bring their courage and confidence to women.

Poem: Leaves of Trees

We who are left behind mourn you, oh trees, For every leaf lost is a soul lost, The leaves, like Whitman’s grass were nothing And everything...

Poem: Sunset

My mother-in-law is in love,/at 84, Rose found Milt, 86,/in the dementia ward/of Paradise Gardens in/Sarasota, Florida.

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