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Leonard Quart

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Leonard Quart is Professor Emeritus of Cinema — CUNY and COSI; Contributing Editor, Cineaste; Columnist for Berkshire Eagle; and co-author of American Film and Society Since 1945 —4th Edition (Praeger).

Articles by Leonard Quart

LEONARD QUART: A momentous election

Thursday, 8 Nov 2018 - One result of the election is that the country is even more divided between rural and suburban, big-city America—not so different than Europe where right wing parties have their support in small towns and rural areas outside cities like Warsaw, Berlin and Budapest.

LEONARD QUART: Spike Lee’s ‘BlacKKKlansman’ shows political passion

Tuesday, 21 Aug 2018 - Spike Lee's new film "BlacKKKlansman" contains some flaws but, though set in the 1970s, often transcends its weaknesses to heavy-handedly but powerfully evoke our current Trump-dominated era, one in which an unembarrassed racist is in power and the alt-right, including neo-Nazis, has been resurrected.

LEONARD QUART: Resurrecting boyhood memories

Saturday, 11 Aug 2018 - When I feel the need, I often invoke images of my prosaic East Bronx neighborhood, which was then an intact, primarily Jewish working-class and lower-class/middle-class mix of a few Art Deco apartment buildings, a few private homes, and many five-story red brick walk-ups and gray tenements.

LEONARD QUART: Midsummer New York

Tuesday, 24 Jul 2018 - My encounter is the kind that you could easily have in the city if you ask the right questions, and have the patience to sit and listen closely to another person’s revelations.

LEONARD QUART: A day in Central Park

Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018 - I like the way the city and Central Park interact — the feeling that one can find both seclusion and peace as well as communal excitement.

LEONARD QUART: Oscar Night 2018

Tuesday, 6 Mar 2018 - “I think that the greatest thing that our art does and our industry does is to erase the lines in the sand. We should continue doing that when the world tells us to make them deeper." -- Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro

LEONARD QUART: Time to march again

Monday, 22 Jan 2018 - There were roughly more than 120,000 marchers and, at one point, the rally stretched more than 20 blocks along Central Park West.

LEONARD QUART: Taking solace in the daily

Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017 - There also seems to be no point railing against the daily dose of lies and exaggerations from our Blusterer-in Chief, for his base cares little or nothing about his character. 

LEONARD QUART: A New York Sunday

Thursday, 20 Jul 2017 - It's also a way of spending some hours not thinking or talking about the monstrous narcissist and sleaze who offers us a compulsive lie and vicious tweet almost every day.

LEONARD QUART: On writing a eulogy

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 - I try to evoke my friends in a way that makes them come alive, always understanding by choice and by ultimate lack of knowledge -- that I have merely scratched the surface.

LEONARD QUART: London bridges

Thursday, 30 Mar 2017 - In my mind’s eye, I can still see the barbaric and murderous assault with a car on a bridge whose current version opened in May 1862.

LEONARD QUART: An abnormal spring day

Friday, 10 Feb 2017 - Every day another egregious or horrific decision is made under Trump’s aegis, and it rests heavily on the collective psyche of people.

LEONARD QUART: What do we do tomorrow?

Sunday, 22 Jan 2017 - For me it's not a protest against the legitimacy of the election but against a compulsive liar of a president who feels morally odious.