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Levi Green and Adam Gudeon

Levi Green is a writer, director, actor, dancer. Adam Gudeon is an illustrator, children's book author, and Super Dad. They seem to be twins separated at birth and reunited by the deity of brotherhood.

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Scene III: Wookie, a small town play

sonia (smiling): how’s the living situation? wookie: dicey sonia: theme? wookie: they post trespassers names on the bulletin board in the center of town

Wookie, scene II: A small town play

Scene 2 of “Wookie: A small town play,” in which Wookie meets a homeless man and learns he will soon be homeless.

WOOKIE: A small town play

The first of six scenes from "Wookie," a new play by Levi Green and Adam Gudeon, set in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

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