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Laura Didyk

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Laura Didyk, a writer most of her adult life, began drawing in 2014, creating small works on paper in themed series using ink and colored marker. Her artwork has been printed in Orion Magazine, No Tokens, Artful Mind, Your Idea Starts Here, NELLE: A literary magazine, and others. She works out of her apartment in downtown Great Barrington. You can follow her on Instagram @lauradidyk or visit her website, lauradidyk.com.

Articles by Laura Didyk

A Writer Recommends: ‘Falling to Earth’

Monday, 3 Aug 2015 - Kate Southwood has done something remarkable and ruthless by asking over and over in different ways and through a memorable cast of characters: Is it always better to survive?

A Writer Recommends: ‘I Remember’

Sunday, 19 Jul 2015 - “Few people can read this book and not feel like grabbing a pencil to start writing their own parallel versions . . . Even the smallest [remembrance] can exert a mysterious tug.” -- Ron Padgett

A Writer Recommends: ‘A Writer’s Portable Mentor’

Sunday, 12 Jul 2015 - It’s less a nuts-and-bolts how-to book and more a real-life guide to developing solid, necessary writing skills, from the basic to the advanced, from pen on the page to completed stories, essays, or poems.

A Writer Recommends: ‘Pitiful Criminals’

Sunday, 21 Jun 2015 - This is not an easy book. There are thirteen such tales in total. The stories are riveting and sad and funny. They are also incredibly thoughtful and fair, accessible and smart.

A Writer Recommends: ‘Side Effects May Include’

Sunday, 7 Jun 2015 - The book’s central question: Under the influence of chronic pain and its associated medications and their side effects (e.g., brain fog), how does one follow through with a complex thought? A narrative? A life?

A Writer Recommends: ‘What Comes Next and How to Like It’

Sunday, 24 May 2015 - There is enough sadness for five families twice the size of theirs. Because that’s how life is, is what Thomas likes to remind us. Everything happens. One thing after another and then something else, and then another thing that overlaps with another. And you hope that you can live with it. Maybe even learn to like it.

A Writer Recommends: A literary column

Sunday, 17 May 2015 - When you read “A Writer Recommends,” think of me as that friend who says, “You have to read this.” These will be books I love.