Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Lee officials make second request to three Rest of River towns, seeking approval to access privileged documents

The proposal will allow insight into the decision to put a toxic-waste facility in town.

Stockbridge incumbents retain seats following election

“There was a steady flow of voters all day,” Town Clerk Terri Lemolini told The Berkshire Edge in an email. “It is one of the bigger turnouts we have seen in a while.”

Don’t be a couch potato: Help out the 2024 West Stockbridge Zucchini Festival

The West Stockbridge Cultural Council is looking for volunteers for everyone's favorite annual event.

One-on-one with consultant Mark Hermanson, on the Housatonic Rest of River remediation plan

Mark Hermanson is an expert in environmental chemistry who specializes in contaminated industrial sites.

West Stockbridge Select Board unanimously appoints Andrew Potter as chair

As his first order of business, Potter announced that the Select Board meeting format would be changed to allow Citizen Speak time following each action item.

Lee voters push forward new public-safety complex, public-works site

Town Administrator Christopher Brittain said Lee will need to obtain a bond to fund the project, followed by closings on the properties at 41 Railroad and 1185 Pleasant Streets, with the former to serve as the new public-safety site and the latter as the new DPW headquarters.

Andrew Krouss retains West Stockbridge Select Board seat

Challenger Wayne Cooper came within 62 votes of Select Board incumbent Andrew Krouss.

West Stockbridge Select Board Member Andy Krouss retains his seat in a 275-213 win over challenger Wayne Cooper

West Stockbridge — Moments after the West Stockbridge polls closed at 7 p.m. tonight, Town Clerk Ronni Barrett announced the winner of the open...

BUSINESS PERSPECTIVES: Stockbridge storefront beats again with Whispered the Heart

The unique shop offers special wares and crafts made in the Berkshires.

Lee residents pass all Town Meeting articles, actions limit local marijuana-cultivation farms

Voters approved funds for a bike path and an obstacle/Ninja Warrior course.

West Stockbridge mobile-home park tenants score following the West Stockbridge Rent Control Board’s negligible rent increase

The third meeting decided the fate of residents of the Residences on Mill Pond following a proposed triple rent surge.

Lenox Select Board election incumbents look to move forward with the business of government

Challenger Jared Weber vows to stay involved and to support local boards and committees.

Lee moves forward in its lawsuit against Monsanto, GE

The town asked the court to liability, leaving the amount of damages to be litigated.

West Stockbridge passes budget, all articles but dog park proposal ‘ruffed up’ a bit

Officials and residents bid goodbye to the Commonwealth’s longest-running moderator.

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