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Kameron Spaulding

Kameron Spaulding is a former newspaper reporter and editor who now leads his own communications firm in Lenox.

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PERSPECTIVES: COVID-19 and the cultural economy — Part 2

Theater companies in Berkshire County suffered huge losses in 2020. How are they approaching 2021?

PERSPECTIVES: Tracking the impact of COVID-19 on Berkshire businesses, Part 1

Numbers now show the Berkshire hospitality industry down more than 30 percent.

PERSPECTIVES: State, federal low-interest loans for small businesses suffering from COVID pandemic

The new business relief program will offer grants up to $75,000, but not more than three months’ operating expenses, to be used for employee wages and benefits, space-related costs, and debt service obligations.

BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on Firefly Gastropub—A new owner in the depths of a pandemic

This popular Lenox spot has a new owner who doesn't mind taking a risk.

BUSINESS MONDAY: Spotlight on Williams Country Store—One of Berkshire County’s oldest stores turns to 21st century tech to survive

Williams & Sons Country Store in Stockbridge, opened in 1795, is determined to make it into 2021.

PERSPECTIVES: New rules for cannabis home delivery spark opposing reactions among local dispensaries

Will new rules for home delivery take business away from local cannabis dispensaries?

PERSPECTIVES: Shop small, shop local!

Small business owners say they need an above-average holiday sales season to stay in business into 2021.

PERSPECTIVES: Sen. Hinds announces new relief funding as Berkshire businesses adopt customized COVID responses

Restaurant and food-related business owners seem to be taking the reins themselves and limiting hours, switching to all curbside or, in some cases, closing completely.

PERSPECTIVES: Local ski mountains have high expectations for upcoming season

Maybe in spite of, maybe because of COVID-19, ski areas in the Berkshires look forward to a safe and strong season.

PERSPECTIVES: How one Berkshire County manufacturing business is surviving the pandemic

Retooling to expand their sanitation and cleaning product lines, while also offering existing products to new sectors, gave the staff a sense of purpose during the pandemic.

Pittsfield prepares for coronavirus contagion

The city also will not issue any special event permits for the next 30 days to limit large gatherings and Tyer asked those with already approved events in that timetable to delay them voluntarily.

Stockbridge gets its fare share; maybe it’s Lenox that’s getting shorted

There is a town getting shorted in this deal ... All of those tax dollars flow into the Stockbridge coffers, but it is Lenox that provides all of the services a resident or business would expect from the local government.

MUSIC REVIEW: Andy Grammer gets the crowd rocking at Tanglewood

In between hits, Grammer spun several good tales without the “overtalking” that can ruin the flow of far too many shows.

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