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Ken Roht

Ken is a progressive-multimedia artist and a pied piper for community-engagement creations. In October of 2017, he left Los Angeles in search of new adventures, started Daniel’s Art Party in January 2018 “and that has made all the difference.”

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Daniel’s Art Party at Simon’s Rock: ‘Moving portraits’ at Great Barrington Town Hall

Of course, as an artist who’s addicted to seeing the world through theater-colored glasses, I keep imagining the possibilities of making unique and totally awesome musical productions all over the Kilpatrick Athletic Center.

Daniel’s Art Party at Simon’s Rock: Love letter to Rikke Borge, star of ‘Smasharoo’ and ‘Bedtime Stories’

It only took a few minutes of bubbly and hilarious conversation, and a listen to Rikke Borge's great singing voice, to know we’d found our irreverent “Mama” in “Orange Star Smasharoo.”

Daniel’s Art Party at Simon’s Rock: Community radio and ‘Berkshire Bedtime Stories’

The next Daniel's Art Party/WBCR collaboration will be “Berkshire Bedtime Stories,” a series of recordings of children’s books read by Berkshire locals. The show will be broadcast at bedtime, as you might imagine.

Daniel’s Art Party at Simon’s Rock: ‘Moving Portraits’

I’m lining up community members to appear in video portraits that capture the subjects doing something that interests them.

Daniel’s Art Party at Simon’s Rock: Celebration of a tree

Daniel’s Art Party is evolving into a multimedia arts program, based on the beautiful campus and highly specialized vortex that is Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

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