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Kurt Kruger

Kurt Kruger is a furniture maker, living in the Berkshires, writing poetry, etc. In his spare time, he conducts seminars on Sanskrit.

written articles

POEM: On The One Hand

A poem by Kurt Kruger performed on July 5 at Deb Koffman Gallery's InWords OutWords (IWOW) in Housatonic, Massachusetts.

POEMS: ‘Excellent Beauty’ and ‘Sonnet #5’

Two poems for Valentine's Day from Edge contributor, Kurt Kruger.

POEM: Sonnet for Darling Maia

A poem in memory of Maia Stanton. There will be a memorial service for Maia this coming Thursday, August 6th at 6 p.m. The service will take place at Stonover Farm, located at 169 Under Mountain Rd. in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Short Story: The long arm of Alexander

Imagine the rooms of an Oxford Don./Imagine a text in an ancient tongue./Imagine a jar, its seal found intact./Imagine the mound in which it is stacked./Imagine a poet, hand cramped and eyes red./Imagine his pen that writes what is said./Imagine a tale from so long ago,/And yet so much like a tale we all know.

Two poems: The Cormorant’s Apology; Small Infinities

"Now that the big election's over, we can all get back to pondering what's really important... poetry," writes Kurt Kruger, in a note accompanying two poems that he feels complement each other.

Poems: Desiring is labor enough; The Onion prop up, against the variable wind of circumstance, the cardboard and chicken wire tower of hope.

The Ballad of Purusha and Prakriti

A poem of the beginning of things, and what beginnings bring forth.

A Fable: Acts of the Devil

Herewith a fable for our time by the poet Kurt Kruger, on the wily schemes of the Devil: 'Long ago, when there was much more space than people, I would have gone to each isolated population, in turn, and convinced them that I was God.'

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