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Joan Schenkar

Joan Schenkar is a widely reviewed, award-winning playwright, author, and literary biographer. Her most recent book, the national award-winning biography THE TALENTED MISS HIGHSMITH, is a New York Times Notable Book published throughout the world. She lives and writes in Paris and Greenwich Village.

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Letter from Paris

"In late autumn, when the slants of light incline towards melancholy, when the vegetable world is shadowed by decay, and when I –- perversely and right on cue –- am full of bright cheer and boundless creativity, the temptation to drop in on my favorite Paris cemetery is irresistible." This month's Letter from Paris is dedicated to the brave journalists of Charlie Hebdo. Ars longa.

Letter from Paris

"But, then, what is Paris without an art scandal? And this one has something in it for everyone."  

Letter from Paris

How many of the discerning sophisticates reading this month's Letter From Paris know the interesting history of Jeanne Louise Calment?

Letter from Paris

The possibility of having the time of your Afterlife in Paris is greatly enhanced by the fact that the dead here are taken as seriously as the living.

Letter from Paris

Although The Village and the Rive Gauche have been radically reinterpreted in the last quarter of a century, they are still beautiful beyond belief.

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