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Jean-Francois Bizalion

Jean-François Bizalion was born in Arles, a French city that prides itself on its Gallo-Roman and medieval past, its saucisson, its photography festival and soon a Frank Gehry building. For the last 11 years, he and his wife Helen have been restoring a modest 18th century farmhouse in Sheffield, the oldest on their road. She likes modern, he likes old. She is Irish, he is French. They left careers in the fashion industry in New York to start BIzalion’s, a food store and café in Great Barrington that specializes in olive oil, bread, cheese and charcuterie. Not surprisingly, they believe that a great sandwich’s best drink pairing is a glass of wine.

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Could a Farmers’ Market prompt a relocation?

This isn’t shopping; this is theater. Merchants at their stalls and buyers holding firm to their wallets, joking, jousting, bargaining.

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