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Joan Embree

Joan Embree has lived in The Berkshires since l974 where she’s been the chef of notable restaurants, including Wheatleigh in Lenox. Ma. and her own, Embree’s in Housatonic, Ma. a popular night spot with live bands.She went to American University in Washington, D.C., where she earned a B.A. in anthropology. Until her recent retirement she ran a catering company, all the while writing stories when she wasn’t being a mother, a grandmother, teaching yoga classes and cherishing countless homeless cats and dogs she adopted (or rather, who adopted her). You and Your Stories is her first book of short stories and Summer of the Stolen Dog her first novel.

written articles

Book Review: Field Light

Reviewer Joan Embree calls Owen Lewis's "Field Light" "an exquisitely rendered portrait of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts" in poetry and prose.

POEM: Ode to Horses

We remember racing across plains of sagebrush, bluegrass, Utah juniper and mountain mahogany. Tearing up foothill slopes, across plateaus blissfully empty of imperious humans…

In Words Out Words: ‘Socks’

Your daughter is a therapist and the imposing thing is she’s more often right than not.

A Novel: ‘Over the Edge.’ Chapter 6

Mateo was barefoot and had no trouble walking on a narrow path covered with raised, gnarled tree roots and undefined decayed matter. She was glad to be behind him so that he didn’t see her trip every few feet.

EDGE WISE: Breaking Free: A Winter’s Tale

You hold an unsullied, childish notion that your soul, once breaking free of mortal restraint, will move on the wings of wind in the company of Dolly and other beloved creatures who have left the Earth.

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