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Joan Embree

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Joan Embree is a mother and grandmother living in the Berkshires with three dogs and one cat. She works as a caterer, private cook and yoga teacher. Formerly the owner of Embree’s Restaurant in Housatonic, she worked with the gifted poets, Michael and Peter Gizzi, who encouraged her to write. She recently completed first novel, “Summer of the Stolen Dog.”

Articles by Joan Embree

POEM: Ode to Horses

Monday, 12 Aug 2019 - We remember racing across plains of sagebrush, bluegrass, Utah juniper and mountain mahogany. Tearing up foothill slopes, across plateaus blissfully empty of imperious humans…

A Novel: ‘Over the Edge.’ Chapter 6

Sunday, 4 Mar 2018 - Mateo was barefoot and had no trouble walking on a narrow path covered with raised, gnarled tree roots and undefined decayed matter. She was glad to be behind him so that he didn’t see her trip every few feet.

EDGE WISE: Breaking Free: A Winter’s Tale

Thursday, 11 Dec 2014 - You hold an unsullied, childish notion that your soul, once breaking free of mortal restraint, will move on the wings of wind in the company of Dolly and other beloved creatures who have left the Earth.