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Jennifer Browdy

Jennifer Browdy, Ph.D., teaches comparative literature, gender studies and media studies at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. She is the Founding Director of the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, the co-publisher of Green Fire Press, and blogs at Transition Times. Her new book, What I Forgot…And Why I Remembered: A Purposeful Memoir of Personal and Planetary Transformation, will be published in 2015.

written articles

EDGEWISE: On this Thanksgiving generosity for refugees — past and present

Let us remember the real roots of this holiday: The generous spirit of the indigenous ancestors of America, who welcomed the first European refugees.

EDGEWISE: After Paris, searching upstream for the source of terrorism

If we really want to defang the terrorists, we should stop selling them weapons, for starters.

EDGEWISE: David and Goliath change places

Goliath is now us, ordinary citizens linked together through the Internet, working together to make our dreams and visions real.

EDGEWISE: Arts activism can change the world

It was no accident that the realization of equality for gay Americans was preceded by a good decade of arts activism.

EDGEWISE: Singing the GB hotel blues

The silver lining of this autumn of our discontent is that the streets and proverbial water coolers of Great Barrington are suddenly buzzing with neighbors newly engaged with the civic life of our town.

EDGEWISE: Keeping Great Barrington great — or not

We are the stewards of our community, and every decision we make matters. Letting our high school slide into disrepair…letting the character of our Main Street be lost.

EDGEWISE: The uglification of Great Barrington’s Main Street

When I look at myself objectively, I have to laugh at my stubborn belief that those in power have the best interests of the...

EDGEWISE: Let’s end the routine slaughter of innocents

It’s time to do whatever it takes to stop these horrendous massacres by tightening up the sale and possession of firearms, making sure that only those who are well trained and mentally sound can legally possess them.

EDGEWISE: The President, the Pope, the women of the world

Let’s face it: fossil fuel emissions are just a symptom of the real problem of runaway human population growth.

EDGEWISE: The Pope, the equinox and the moon

Pope Francis, in his impressive Encyclical on the environment, shows himself to be fully aware of the interlocking cause and effect of politics, industry and environmental destruction.

EDGEWISE: Trailblazing Jewish feminist, Letty Cottin Pogrebin

"It should not take a burning Torah or a flaming cross to make us form a bucket brigade." -- Letty Cottin Pogrebin

EDGEWISE: Late-night thoughts on the Syrian refugee crisis

I wonder, would we in the Berkshires respond to a sudden influx of several thousand newcomers from a faraway war-torn land?

EDGEWISE: Owen Labrie, ISIS, and the culture of rape

I want to live in a world where this kind of treatment of women would be unthinkable to any man.

EDGEWISE: Bernie Sanders: Is a new American Revolution at hand?

Bernie Sanders may be an unlikely hero, but he’s got the guts to be out there speaking truth to power in ways that no one else in the Democratic Party seems willing to do.

EDGEWISE: Omens from Nova Scotia

St John, just across the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, has been expanding its deepwater port, serving as a tanker depot for oil and gas. This is where the disputed gas pipeline that would run through Berkshire County would end up.

EDGEWISE: StoryCorps, storytelling from the heart

“If we spent more time listening to each other, instead of screaming at each other, we’d be a much stronger, happier country.” -- David Isay, founder of StoryCorps

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