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Jennifer Browdy, Ph.D., teaches comparative literature, gender studies and media studies at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. She is the Founding Director of the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, the co-publisher of Green Fire Press, and blogs at Transition Times. Her new book, What I Forgot…And Why I Remembered: A Purposeful Memoir of Personal and Planetary Transformation, will be published in 2015.

Articles by Jennifer Browdy

EDGEWISE: Climate crises, climate opportunities

Thursday, 3 Dec 2015 - I want to be able to write a letter to future generations that tells proudly how in my time, we stood up in the face of impending disaster and made the necessary changes in lifestyle, industry and economy.

EDGEWISE: Singing the GB hotel blues

Thursday, 29 Oct 2015 - The silver lining of this autumn of our discontent is that the streets and proverbial water coolers of Great Barrington are suddenly buzzing with neighbors newly engaged with the civic life of our town.

EDGEWISE: The uglification of Great Barrington’s Main Street

Thursday, 15 Oct 2015 - When I look at myself objectively, I have to laugh at my stubborn belief that those in power have the best interests of the general public in mind. You’d think that by now I would have learned to be suspicious and watchful of everyone who makes decisions on behalf of the rest of us. On […]

EDGEWISE: Let’s end the routine slaughter of innocents

Thursday, 8 Oct 2015 - It’s time to do whatever it takes to stop these horrendous massacres by tightening up the sale and possession of firearms, making sure that only those who are well trained and mentally sound can legally possess them.

EDGEWISE: The Pope, the equinox and the moon

Thursday, 24 Sep 2015 - Pope Francis, in his impressive Encyclical on the environment, shows himself to be fully aware of the interlocking cause and effect of politics, industry and environmental destruction.

EDGEWISE: Omens from Nova Scotia

Thursday, 20 Aug 2015 - St John, just across the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, has been expanding its deepwater port, serving as a tanker depot for oil and gas. This is where the disputed gas pipeline that would run through Berkshire County would end up.