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Jennifer Astrella-Wheeler

I'm well many things, I'm a daughter, a lover, a nature girl, Tom boy, doggy owner, a little OG, I swear like a trucker, probably cause I can work on trucks lol, I could go on here but also one part of me is I'm a recovering Heroin addict, by the Grace of my Higher Power! I have no college degree, yes I graduated high school by again the Grace of my fuckin Higher Power, I do have my Medical Assistant Certification. What I'm gettin to is what I've learned about life I've learned through living life it's been an amazing, crazy, scary, loving, joyful, sad, very sad, experience, full of many lessons some learned some still to come on this journey I've been on for only 37 years of life.

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It’s the little and simple things that will slowly start breaking our cycle of harm.

Ask Jenny

When I/we get wiser what kinda crazy question would you love a child to ask about your life?                                                        

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