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Hannah Van Sickle

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Hannah Van Sickle is a Berkshire County native who resides deep in the woods of South County where she spent summers as a child and is now raising her own daughters. An English teacher by training, Hannah now works as a freelance writer, academic tutor and writing coach.

Articles by Hannah Van Sickle

One World Concert to support mission of Berkshire Immigrant Center

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019 - Berkshire Immigrant Center is the only organization in the county offering comprehensive immigration services for the more than 10,000 foreign-born residents of Berkshire County—a number that equates not only to 10 percent of the County’s population, but also the only growing segment of the region’s population.

PROFILE: Timothy Lee, Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School principal

Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018 - "A lot of different needs have come into the building that have been absorbed over a relatively short period of time, and how to accommodate all of theses needs while being as inclusive as possible has been a challenge. We are doing a lot of interesting things here to try and rise to that challenge, and I was really interested in being part of it." --Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School principal Timothy Lee

PROFILE: Charles Miller, new SBRSD elementary principal

Thursday, 8 Nov 2018 - "Culture eats strategy for breakfast: If you don’t understand the school culture, you’re not going to be able to change things effectively and in a way that is sustainable." SBRSD elementary school principal Charles Miller

Mary Gendler: A life of peaceful protest

Tuesday, 30 Oct 2018 - It was during an audience with the Dalai Lama the very next month that the Gendlers suggested the Tibetans might have more success if they learned new ways to struggle nonviolently.

Margaret Moulton takes the helm at Berkshire Grown

Monday, 1 Oct 2018 - And at the center of this work is connecting people who are already interested in local food and farm-to-table ideas but don’t have on the ground experience; getting folks on the farms and in the field.

Walking to prevent youth suicide: One mother’s story

Monday, 24 Sep 2018 - Berkshire County ranks highest for suicide rates in the state. Between 2007 and 2016, rates rose dramatically for individuals between the ages of 15 and 19: There was a 50 percent increase for females and a 31 percent increase for males.

Reflections on a golden river, the work and legacy of Rachel Fletcher

Thursday, 20 Sep 2018 - “We started with nothing. It was just a rubble heap. As more and more people came forward, I had to struggle to keep up with their desire for bringing the river back into the community.” -- Rachel Fletcher, describing the beginnings of the Housatonic River Walk