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Hannah Van Sickle

Hannah Van Sickle is a Berkshire County native who resides deep in the woods of South County where she spent summers as a child and is now raising her own daughters. An English teacher by training, Hannah now works as a freelance writer, academic tutor and writing coach.

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Dylan Kubis and his special vision: On display now at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield

“I don’t find the pictures, the pictures find me,” Kubis told The Berkshire Edge, echoing some of what he shared on November 29 at the opening reception for “Natural Wonders,” his latest exhibition, currently on display in the Berkshire Science Commons at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield.

Defying censorship, local authors unveil children’s book celebrating LGBTQ+ interracial family

“[Representing diverse voices] is urgently needed in children's literature,” says Espinoza-Madrigal, who underscores: “As more identities and themes are under siege, it's critical that we speak up—and write.”

Nanette V. Hucknall of Monterey publishes “Zarathustra’s Journey,” her first work of fiction

“[This book] is about the journey of the Higher Self—first as the student, and then as the teacher—both of which I had to go through myself,” explains Hucknall of the seemingly inverse process that allowed her to pen “Zarathustra’s Journey."

A fundraising exhibition at the Center for Peace through Culture showcasing the work of Berkshire artists

On Saturday, November 11, the nonprofit’s annual fundraising exhibition—showcasing the work of more than a dozen Berkshire artists, including Engel—opens at “The Little Gallery,” located at 137 Front Street, the former studio of the late artist and Housatonic resident Deb Koffman.

PREVIEW: ‘Tell Me What You Learned Tuesday,’ a one-person show by Tom Truss, returns to The Foundry Oct. 27–29

"I let my psyche loose and my imagination run wild and what came out is [this show],” says Tom Truss of an incredibly dark comedy that sheds light on life—but mostly not his. “I got tired of creating dances and theatre pieces about my [lived experience].”

Local woman returns home to the Atlas Mountains bringing earthquake relief

Using her eponymous nonprofit as a fundraising platform, Soumya has endeavored to assist her village in meeting goals that run the gamut from supplying critical medical care and basic necessities to securing access to clean water and rebuilding the village of Armed.

Rees Shad record release party at Dream Away Lodge in Becket

“Six Songs & A Story” is testament to music that is both poignant and profound; Shad’s stories, shared from the heart, resonate with universal appeal—a fact that likely caused the legendary Graham Parker to posit, “a rare class inhabits his songwriting that’s rarely found today.”

Greenagers hosts second annual Women in Agriculture and Conservation conference

In total, about 50 students from Mt. Everett Regional High School, Monument Mountain Regional High School, Pittsfield High School, Wahconah Regional High School, and Housatonic Valley Regional High School rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty in a series of workshops in the second annual Women in Agriculture and Conservation conference.

Charles Redd, BS, RN brings deep roots in healthcare and the Commonwealth to the region as Berkshire Health Systems’ inaugural Chief Diversity, Equity, and...

In the process of what he calls “doing the work,” Redd ultimately joined the Diversity Committee at BHS, where his first question proved pivotal (albeit unbeknownst to him at the time) to his future: Why don’t we have a Chief Diversity Officer?

Fern Katz & Co. brings EPHEMERA to The Adams Theater on September 2 at 7:30 p.m.

“[It is] centered on the feelings of what we are left with when we lose something or someone integral to our existence and the gift of emptiness, the space that can be filled up again and again only after everything is completely broken, so we can rebuild anew,” says Fern Katz of her newest work, to be unveiled in Adams on September 2.

Next Steps After High School: Post-graduation presentation aimed at local Latino/Hispanic students and their families

As a first-generation college student whose family’s primary language is Spanish, Escobar found herself breaking down the long list of required information and explaining everything in Spanish in order to ensure she and her parents were on the same page. In keeping with her generous spirit, Escobar turned her attention toward paying it forward.

PREVIEW: ‘Tell Me What You Learned Tuesday,’ a one-person show by Tom Truss, premieres at The Foundry August 19 and 20

"I let my psyche loose and my imagination run wild and what came out is [this show],” says Tom Truss of an incredibly dark comedy that sheds light on life—but mostly not his. “I got tired of creating dances and theatre pieces about my [lived experience].”

Flying Cloud’s summer fundraiser celebrates 39 years of engaging local students at the intersection of art and science

“This is where science meets art,” said one young maker from the Flying Cloud Institute, employing a phrase coined by Larry Burke.

A River Runs Through It: Berkshire Community Land Trust celebrates the first site designated for the nonprofit’s Farmsteads for Farmers campaign

“The happy chickens, sheep, and cows are putting back valuable nutrients while they eat to their hearts’ content [and] the land is coming alive,” said Iredale as if penning a poem. “We’ll never reach the level of harmony that indigenous Americans did, but we’re going to give it our best shot.”

‘Re-Written’ comes to Arrowhead, once again, with special guest Elizabeth Doss — Melville’s great-great-great granddaughter—who will host a post-show conversation on Saturday

Before the simple yet stunning backdrop of Melville’s red barn, the very place in which he and Hawthorne regularly sequestered themselves to smoke cigars and drink brandy among the rafters, Matthew Cumbie and Tom Truss present a dramatic response to their own rhetorical question: What happens when you say no to a dream when you want to say yes?

All roads lead to (art in) Sandisfield

What are you waiting for? Make a date to pack a picnic, take a drive, and experience for yourself the surprising beauty that abounds—both in making the journey and in reaching the destination—that is Sandisfield, an unexpected treasure along the banks of the Clam River, a verdant landscape just waiting to be uncovered.

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