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Gabriel Lord Kalcheim

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Gabriel Lord Kalcheim was born in New York, and grew up regularly attending theatre there, and classical music concerts over the summer at Tanglewood in the Berkshires. He studied Philosophy and Classics at the University of Chicago (BA 2013) where he reviewed theatre for the Chicago Maroon, and opera and classical music for Chicagocritic.com. He attended school in New York but has spent summers, and school holidays in the Berkshires where his mother grew up. Kalcheim is an amateur violinist and played in his university’s symphony orchestra, and in various chamber groups.

Articles by Gabriel Lord Kalcheim

KALCHEIM: Why I love the Stanmeyer Gallery and Shaker Dam Coffee House

Thursday, 2 Jul 2015 - What John Dryden, and Samuel Johnson, those famous denizens of the old London Coffeehouse, surely understood, was that man must exist socially just as much when he is engaged in serious consideration of the affairs of the day, as when he chooses to be frivolous; and all of this can happen quite naturally over coffee.

KALCHEIM: Two local churches at crossroads

Monday, 8 Jun 2015 - What if St. Paul’s Stockbridge were to become something entirely different? What if it became the one and only Church in Berkshire County that would be proud to say the same prayers its ancestors said for hundreds of years before (which many of its congregants think they say at present but don’t).

KALCHEIM: Stupidity in foreign affairs knows no bounds

Monday, 1 Jun 2015 - To these dangerous ignoramuses, blind tough-talking is always the answer. They actually believe that antagonizing Iran in perpetuity, a country of more than 80 million people, which is sure to develop a nuclear bomb some day, if it really wants to, actually enhances our national security.

KALCHEIM: Sexual assault on campus? No surprise

Monday, 11 May 2015 - The more sexual relations are treated as a recreational activity, the less seriously we uphold a mode of conduct for engaging in them. When placed in conjunction with excess drinking, not merely for the sake of sociability (what we used to call conviviality), but only for the sake of getting drunk, the mix is toxic.

KALCHEIM: Why I like Rand Paul

Saturday, 18 Apr 2015 - Paul also has a good deal to say about the disturbing militarization of police and understands that the real problem with the so-called “War on Drugs” is that it disproportionately throws black people into prison while allowing the white and affluent to get high without any fear of the law.

KALCHEIM: Misplaced fervor over religious freedom law

Wednesday, 15 Apr 2015 - The Old Left, had at least the right priorities: they fought against injustice and often won important reforms, many of which become, with the passage of time, accepted by people of all political stripes.

KALCHEIM: The government’s diet fraud – and other deceptions

Saturday, 21 Mar 2015 - The minute establishment figures start calling anyone who questions them a loony, fringe thinker, who, for the sake of all of us, has to get with it, and adapt the accepted position on something, you should be very, very suspicious.  

KALCHEIM: Shameful lessons from Dresden 

Friday, 13 Mar 2015 - During World War II in the European theatre, surely the Allied air forces of Britain and America would not have been so barbaric, and imprudent, as the Germans, so as to target civilian populations, all on the bogus precept of weakening enemy morale. Or would they?

KALCHEIM: Why do Republicans like war?

Saturday, 21 Feb 2015 - There is no more menacing, hypocritical force in American politics today than the so-called “moderate” wing of the Republican Party establishment, and their love for all things war-related.

KALCHEIM: About Ukraine, put yourself in Putin’s place

Tuesday, 10 Feb 2015 - If history is any guide, the more we pressure and antagonize Russia with sanctions, EU and NATO expansion, and this proxy war, the less likely Russia will ever back down, and the less likely the deeply corrupt Moscow regime will begin to reform itself, and adapt basic western notions of political and economic freedom.

KALCHEIM: The Pope’s sex problem  

Thursday, 29 Jan 2015 - Pope Francis would, I think, have been the ideal person to reframe his Church’s view on contraception because he has repeatedly shown himself capable of conciliatory gestures which, notwithstanding their great effect in changing popular attitudes towards the Church, have never actually deviated from traditional Roman Catholic teachings.

KALCHEIM: The French get patriotism right, but their political leaders don’t

Thursday, 15 Jan 2015 - The French seem to understand the true meaning of patriotism and nationalism rather more than we do. In times of crisis, we Americans tend to rally behind our political leaders in the name of American strength, America dominance, and America’s ability to exact revenge. The men and women marching in Paris seem less interested in the people who lead their state than in the political ideal that is the French Republic: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité – it is still plastered on government buildings all over France.

The Queen’s English is dead

Friday, 2 Jan 2015 - Thoughts on coming back to the U.S from Britain: " An American who attempts to use his/ her language with grace, clarity and gentleness, in both his enunciation of words, and his turn of phrase, is thought, if not to be British, then to have something distinctly British about him."

Review: Glorious finale to South Mountain chamber series

Saturday, 11 Oct 2014 - The real sensation of the afternoon was the young violinist Benjamin Beilman, whose sound has all the natural projection and power of a premier concert-soloist. In fact, I would have been happy to have seen Mr. Beilman replace most any of the underwhelming cohort of violin soloists this year at Tanglewood.