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Eli Schwartz

Hailing from Rochester, N.Y., Eli Schwartz is a film student at Ithaca college. His areas of study include Screenwriting, Directing, Lighting, and Film Analysis.

written articles

At BIFF: ‘Gone in an Instant,’ wealth vanishes for pro athletes

“The NBA and NFL are trying to help rookies in financial literacy. Each player attends a seminar, but that seminar is only one day, and one hour at that.” -- Executive producer Kerry Rhodes

At BIFF: ‘Dateline: Saigon’ — The struggle for truth when government lies

"When the government doesn't tell the truth, begins to twist the truth, hide the truth, then the journalist becomes involuntarily infinitely more important." -- New York Times journalist David Halberstam

FROM THE BIFF: ‘Clash,’ a troubling narrative of warring ideologies

“I am willing to die for a cause, not a photo… Sometimes a photo is a cause.”

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