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Egremont Green Committee

The Egremont Green Committee submits periodic reports of their activities in the town of Egremont, Massachusetts.

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Egremont Green News: Banking on a sustainable future

Your choice of bank, credit card or investment instrument could have a big impact on the environment.

Egremont Green News: Rx for empty pill bottles 

Pill bottles aren’t on most recycling lists, but at least one organization considers them a valuable medical supply. 

Egremont Green News: Let’s catch the rain

Rain barrels are coming to Egremont, at a good price, and people from other towns are welcome to join this water-conservation effort.

Egremont Green News: Neighbors join plastic-reduction challenge

Instead of over-eating or over-drinking or over-spending, this healthy-living campaign targeted the over-abundance of plastic.

Egremont Green News: Egremont’s exemplary environmental achievements

By chipping away at our waste line and energy consumption, we hope our local efforts are joining a larger, worldwide movement.

Egremont Green News: Attentive recycling really pays off

Instead of thinking of your recyclables as trash, try thinking of them as something that has value--a precious commodity.

Egremont Green News: Fast chargers needed for electric vehicles in Berkshires

An owner of an electric vehicle says current infrastructure is too geared to Teslas.

Egremont Green News: Climate activism rising all around us

You don’t have to look far for organizations pushing for solutions—there are lots of exciting opportunities to engage.

Egremont Green News: More trash last year in Egremont, underscoring need for plastic bottle ban

This year’s data leave us feeling like yo-yo dieters on the weight-gaining rebound. Our trash tonnage has gone up and not by a couple of tons, but by a solid 35—almost 10 percent.

Egremont Green News: Let dandelions grow and help a pollinator near you

On May 1, Egremont followed Great Barrington and Williamstown in passing a resolution to protect bees and butterflies and a multitude of creatures that play a critical role in the ecosystem.

Egremont Green News: Gearing up for Earth Day and honoring the memory of Rachel Carson

By the end of our annual Earth Day event in Egremont, we will have diverted as much as 800 pounds of material away from our delicate land and waterways into trash or recycling streams.

Egremont Green News: Join the push for renewable energy

Fighting climate change can mean everything from sealing up drafty houses and driving an electric vehicle to keeping up with a fossil-free push that is gaining steam worldwide.

Egremont Green News: Check your supermarket for plastic film recycling

The most common examples of recyclable plastic film are bags for dry-cleaning, groceries, bread and produce, including zip-top bags.

Egremont Green News: Watch out for ‘wishful recycling’

Let’s hope that China’s ban on several types of scrap plastic will push our society to rethink our reliance on plastic and also force us to come up with more options for its post-consumer use.

Egremont Green News: Festive tips for skipping all that holiday trash

Check with your town, but most paper and tissue gift wrappings, as well as cards, are recyclable as long as they don’t contain foil, metallic inks or glitter. And all those cardboard shipping boxes could make a great first layer of sheet mulching next spring.

Egremont Green News: Long-gone Rag-and-Bone Men are starting to look like heroes of the zero-waste movement

Foraging through garbage and picking through the houses and property of the dead, the rag-and-bone man became a figure for dark shadows and dead ends. So watch out for him on Halloween.

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