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Ebben Flow

A native of Middletown, Conn., Ebben Flow is a discreet observer of life in the Berkshires. He maintains a fondness for invasive species.

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Notes, footnotes & queries

While the top floors of the Castle Street firehouse are occupied by town inspection services, the ground floor isn’t going entirely to waste. Three antique cars are nestled under wraps in the back bay.

Notes, footnotes and queries

Video cameras will be observing vehicular (and pedestrian) traffic during the Main Street Reconstruction. But who will be watching, and who will watch them?

Notes, footnotes and queries

Would it surprise you to learn that the last president of the Republic of Texas was a Great Barrington native?

Notes, footnotes & queries

Why is it that Wheeler and Taylor has chained off its big parking lot that for so many years was available on weekends?

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