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Erica Fay

Interior designer, Erica Fay works with unique clients in varying styles and situations throughout the Berkshire County, Ma region where she has created dozens of distinctive homes and outstanding renovation designs. She began training in her native Denver and finished in Boston where she learned the craft with established professionals before moving to the Berkshires in 1991. Her many consultations with do-it-yourself homeowners inspired her to create workshops to assist homeowners in achieving their own successful design projects. Erica has a long history in the world of dance, where she choreographs ballets and musicals. She is an ordained Tendai Buddhist minister and a certified yoga instructor. Contact and additional information can be found at

written articles

Taming your inner “Stuff Monkey”

The incessant pressure to buy, collect and acquire puts us in a state of “clutter-induced stress”. Interior designer Erica Fay offers suggestions to stop you from acting like a "Stuff Monkey."

TRANSFORMATIONS: Color Part III: Using color for accent — A little dab’ll do ‘ya’

There are as many ways to use a bit of color to create a big effect as there are reasons you might chose to do so.

TRANSFORMATIONS: Color Part II: The alchemy of combining colors

Just as individual colors evoke meaning and feeling, combinations do so even more strongly.

TRANSFORMATIONS: The abundance of color

This is the first of three articles on Color, discussing how to choose it and how to use it when redecorating your house.

TRANSFORMATIONS: How to get the powder room that wasn’t there

Here are a few projects where we found the space by inserting, carving out, and adding where possible to get that powder room without losing too much valuable space.

TRANSFORMATIONS: Bringing a 21st century kitchen into a house from the 1800’s

My clients planned to offer the house for summer rentals. Their objective in calling me in was to redo the 1960’s, distinctly “country” kitchen on a tight budget, using as much of the existing cabinetry as possible.

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