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In order to halt public ‘Zoom bombings,’ officials must be proactive 

These boards would also be wise to avoid the Zoom's meeting format in favor of the webinar platform, which effectively prevents attendees from speaking or showing their faces until they are recognized by the chair.

EDITORIAL: Happy ending to a West Stockbridge property dispute, but questions remain

We would urge the selectboard to authorize a full review of policies and procedures to minimize the likelihood that this kind of snafu will ever happen again.

EDITORIAL: Turning GB fairgrounds into a town park a great idea — if costs can be controlled

A gem of a park could bring new economic life to that part of town without the traffic jams associated with horseracing.

EDITORIAL: Trump must go — and now

In light of Wednesday's assault on democracy at the Capitol, it is now clear — if ever there was any doubt to begin with — that Donald J. Trump incited a riot with a speech he gave on the White House lawn only an hour or so before tens of thousands of his crazed supporters stormed the Capitol in an effort to overturn the presidential election.

EDITORIAL: Amid Washington leadership void and search for racial justice, signs of hope

This fragile and unprecedented period in the nation's history is made worse by an abject lack of leadership in the nation's capital.

EDITORIAL: We are all in this together

It has been said before that a crisis brings out the best and the worst in people. We see it in our leaders in...

EDITORIAL: Fulcrum opponents should be careful what they wish for

If the permit is denied, Fulcrum could tie the town up in prolonged and expensive litigation. Or a vengeful Fulcrum could return with a different proposal -- perhaps one that is equally objectionable and does not require a special permit.

A district in disarray: Parents and students at SBRSD deserve better

The recent tumult in Southern Berkshire is clearly a failure of leadership on more than one level.

EDITORIAL: West Stockbridge leads in publicly condemning hate, racism, white supremacy

The proclamation was not a call to action. It was simply a statement of the values of the town of West Stockbridge.

Despite concerns, cannabis could be an economic driver for Berkshire County  

Surely the most important question now on the local level is how to manage the siting and operations of the shops and cultivation facilities.

South County schools should act on consolidation before it’s forced on them

Clearly there needs to be some out-of-the-box thinking if public education in Berkshire County is to secure its future and thrive.

EDITORIAL: Neal surprisingly unschooled on free-speech issues

The prohibitions and penalties in the Israel Anti-Boycott Act that Congressman Neal is sponsoring sound like a glaring departure from the American tradition of free speech.

Education task force deserves credit – not blame — for tackling enrollment decline

Attracting young people and families with children in far greater numbers to the Berkshires is complicated — perhaps even impossible. So we are left with making our schools more viable with fewer resources.

A note to our readers

Among our goals in starting The Edge is to provide a vigorous and open forum for the expression and exchange of ideas and opinions.

EDITORIAL: Time for neighbors to rethink opposition to Great Barrington airport improvement

As proposed, the airport's plans are entirely reasonable, given its need to remain viable and its history of good citizenship.

Anger at School Committee not a good reason to reject SBRSD budget again

All a rejected budget will do is cause more chaos and quite possible prompt the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to intervene.

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