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Carolyn and Eli Newberger

Carolyn Newberger is an artist, child psychologist, and musician (flute and jazz washboard) whose deep concerns for people and their lives drive her work. Her drawings, paintings and collage have achieved recognition and awards in juried and solo exhibitions. Carolyn went to Sarah Lawrence College and received her doctorate from Harvard, after two years in Burkina Faso with the Peace Corps. As a psychologist, Carolyn developed an influential theory of parental consciousness that continues to frame family studies and efforts to prevent child abuse. Her research and teaching at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, and her ability clearly and soundly to address such subjects as parental discipline, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, attract respect and notice by clinicians and media alike. Called often as an expert on television news, she appeared twice on the Oprah Winfrey show and has published widely in both the scientific and popular press. Carolyn’s art is represented by Galatea Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and she performs regularly on jazz washboard with Eli and the Hot Six. To learn more about Carolyn and to view her art, visit her website at After Yale College, where he was a Scholar of the House in music theory, Eli Newberger received his M.D. from Yale Medical School. He went from Peace Corps service in Burkina Faso, West Africa, to pediatric training at Boston Children’s Hospital, where over 30 years he founded and directed the Child Protection and Family Development Programs. In addition to eight books and more than 100 articles in the medical field, he applied techniques of musical analysis to the development of jazz piano style, reporting his findings in the Journal of Jazz Studies and Annual Review of Jazz Studies. Newberger’s book on strengthening the characters of boys and men, “The Men They Will Become” (Da Capo Books) appeared along with a jazz CD of the same title with pianist, Butch Thompson, and banjo/vocalist Jimmy Mazzy (Stomp Off Records). An active performer on piano and tuba, Newberger cofounded the New Black Eagle Jazz Band in 1970 and played piano and tuba with them for 31 years. With over 40 recordings to his credit, he won three national readers’ polls for best jazz tuba player. All of Newberger’s past musical publications and reviews, many medical articles, and numerous lectures and musical performances, may be found on his website. ( ) Eli & The Hot Six, an all-star traditional jazz band, released its CD, "Contemporary Classic Jazz," ( ) at a sold-out concert, noted in the Boston Globe, at Scullers Jazz Club on Boston in 2015. The Hot Six are renowned in the Northeast for their heartfelt and virtuosic interpretations of the jazz age songbook: Bob Winter, the Boston Pops pianist, Bo Winiker, trumpet, bandleader, and frequent Boston Pops Conductor, Jimmy Mazzy, banjo and vocals, Ted Casher, clarinet and saxes, Herb Gardner, trombone, and Bob Tamagni, professor of percussion at Berklee College of Music. Eli's 75th birthday celebration at Scullers featured an All-Gershwin program, noted with a pictorial article in the Boston Globe ( )with Carolyn Newberger featured as guest washboard wizard.

written articles

DANCE REVIEW: Devastation and Redemption through 100 years of the Martha Graham Dance Company at Jacob’s Pillow

Music and story are at the core of Martha Graham’s vision, and the first two dances of the evening’s program, created in 1947 and 1946, respectively, address powerful themes of women facing vexatious moral challenges.

If you have the chops, you can dance with us: Complexions Contemporary Ballet at Jacob’s Pillow

These are dancers that have the chops, in a company that pushes genres, genders, roles, and even our ideas of what it is possible for the human body to achieve. And all with honesty, energy, heart, and artistry.

Hip-Hop at Jacob’s Pillow: A glorious, swinging, amalgam of music, dance, and affecting stories

This was where the audience started becoming part of the show, bouncing in their seats, clapping to the beat, and after the curtain finally, finally came down, with the music still piping in, young and old dancing in the aisles and out the exits.

DANCE REVIEW: Unity of music, dance, violence, and hope in Oona Doherty OD Works at Jacob’s Pillow

Before the performance, a “happening“ occurred outside the Ted Shawn Theater at Jacob's Pillow. A crowd, forewarned, had gathered in anticipation.

Tap History in the Making: Dorrance Dance at Jacob’s Pillow

When Dorrance Dance comes to the Pillow, it feels personal, like coming home. Sitting in the audience, recognizing the steps, Carolyn feels tap history—and that she is a part of it, too.

Humor, Light and Darkness: Gauthier Dance at Jacob’s Pillow

Often one didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Underpinning the choreography appeared to be a deep and critical social perspective, undoubtedly resonating to current affairs in Israel, whence most of the evening’s choreographers and several of the dancers came.

DANCE REVIEW: Revelations and innovations from the Dutch National Ballet at Jacob’s Pillow

Performances ranged from voluptuous modern small group ensembles, through classical ballet—both in straight-forward period fantasy and in parody—to the soul-stirring cadences of Tango.

DANCE REVIEW: From ragtime to Salomé

Cleo Parker Robinson’s deeply humane vision is brilliantly expressed in movement and music.

Refreshing winds from Hubbard Street Dance Chicago at Jacob’s Pillow

"In the end, shed from their baggy garb, the troupe clapped together as the music intensified in meter and jazzy cross-rhythms. Moving forward to center stage, they formed a gracious horizontal line, smiling and bowing at the audience as it rose in admiration and shouts of thanks."

Capsizing the dance class with humor and jazz — Dance Heginbotham at Jacob’s Pillow

"As the underlying propulsions sustain, and the keys changes upward in rapid half-steps, the dancers regress to their inner gymnasts with cartwheels, sudden linear formations, explosive jumps, pirouettes, and Radio City kicks. They lean together gleefully, bouncing on the balls of their feet, and the audience rises in a clamorous ovation."

DANCE REVIEW: Black Grace stuns Jacob’s Pillow

Soaring Samoan expressions of communalism and devotion

DANCE REVIEW: From Mardi Gras to Mourners’ Kaddish at Jacob’s Pillow

Two companies, Music From The Sole and the Jose Limón Company, deeply reflect both celebration and loss.

DANCE REVIEW: A dazzling dance of life and love

At Jacob's Pillow, Kyle Abraham’s fantasia of sounds and stories from home

A delicious jam at Jacob’s Pillow

Jacob's Pillow held a display of the Lindy Hop dance tradition accompanied by a 10-piece jazz ensemble presented by "SW!NG OUT." The audience rose in cheers before the performance was finished, and the well-deserved ovation continued through a second curtain call.

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