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Ed Abrahams and Pedro Pachano

Ed Abrahams is a fundraising and management consultant working in New York City for 20 years before moving to Great Barrington 20 years ago. He is vice-chair of the Great Barrington Selectboard, president of the Friends of the GB Libraries, co-chair of the Downtown Great Barrington Cultural District, a cemetery commissioner, a member of the school council of Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School and Monument Valley Regional Middle School, a member of the Great Barrington Economic Development Committee and a former member of the Board of Library Trustees where he served as chair for three years. Ed has served and continues to serve on the boards and advisory boards of many nonprofit organizations. Pedro Pachano attended Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation where he received a Masters in Architecture. He has subsequently worked for New York based Acconci Studio, Eisenman Architects, Diller, Scofidio and Renfro and FXFowle Architects (now FX Collaborative). In 2007 he founded Pachano & Vollert Architects with partner Amparo Vollert with whom he has designed and completed architectural projects in New York, Miami, San Francisco and Bogotá, Colombia. Pachano & Vollert Architecture continues to develop ideas about architecture and urbanism while engaging in innovative energy efficiency and reduction strategies which encompass century old passive traditions to new cutting edge technologies. Since 2016 Pedro has served on both Great Barrington’s Design Advisory Committee and Planning Board. Pedro has taught Architecture at Columbia University, The Cooper Union, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rensselaer Institute of Technology; is a licensed architect in New York, Massachusetts, Florida; and is NCARB Certified.

written articles

It’s Not That Simple: Are there local solutions to the housing crisis?

In their final installment on housing, Pedro and Ed highlight ideas for town-sponsored housing creation.

It’s Not That Simple: Housing shortage, a review

Pedro and Ed offer a re-cap of the series they began last November.

It’s Not That Simple: Who will build our housing?

This week, local developer and property manager Sam Nickerson joins Pedro and Ed to discuss the many hurdles involved when attempting to build new housing.

It’s Not That Simple: Entitlement of the status quo, or NIMBY weaponized

Right now, the status quo is a shortage of housing and too few investors willing to build more. Is the administrative state failing us?

It’s Not That Simple: Brother, can you spare a dime?

This week on the show, economist Dr. Daniel H. Neilson answers the question: Why are wages too low to meet the needs of workers?

It’s Not That Simple: Housing: Can the free market house us all?

A large part of Berkshire property values come from things that are not on the lot. It comes from being part of a functioning community. If we don’t have a community, all the property values come down.

It’s Not That Simple: Housing: What has the town done for us lately?

With the help of Assistant Town Manager/Director of Planning and Development Chris Rembold, Pedro and Ed attempt to find out what Great Barrington has done about housing. It turns out, quite a bit.

It’s Not That Simple: Passenger rail service in Berkshire County

Anyone who has driven through Great Barrington, Stockbridge, or Lee during the height of summer will understand the advantages of bringing passenger rail to our region.

It’s Not That Simple: Why is Internet service better and faster in Mt. Washington than in Great Barrington?

This past week, Pedro and Ed spoke with Adam Chait, founder and chief executive of Fiber Connect, to get some answers about how broadband infrastructure works locally.

It’s Not That Simple: Why can’t my children afford to live here?

Before you say, “not another housing show,” give us a minute to explain. By looking to the past — with the help of this week's guest, historian Bernard Drew — we hope to uncover how we could re-imagine building more housing in the future.

It’s Not That Simple: Is a progressive real estate tax possible?

Stockbridge Selectboard member Patrick White and lawyer Michael Wise join Pedro and Ed to answer some "taxing" questions.

It’s Not That Simple: Traffic, roads, and bridges

Hosts Ed and Pedro welcome MassDOT officials Neil Boudreau and Francisca Heming to discuss traffic lights, intersection bottlenecks, roundabouts, and more.

It’s Not That Simple: Home matters

This week, Eileen Peltier, president and CEO of Berkshire Housing Development Corporation and Housing Services, answers questions about the local housing landscape.

It’s Not That Simple: The blues in Massachusetts

Blue laws are alive and well, and sometimes even enforced in Massachusetts.

It’s Not That Simple: Placemaking, what makes a place a place?

Placemaking is a collaborative process, not just a result. Placemaking begins by asking people what they want.

It’s Not That Simple: Is zoning a solution to a problem, or is it the problem?

Zoning was created to solve the negative impact of new development, but it has created a new problem: laws that limit possibly beneficial or necessary development.

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