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Deb Koffman

Deb Koffman is an artist, animator, author and teacher. She hosts IN WORDS OUT WORDS(IWOW), an open mic nite on the first Tuesday of every month at her gallery in Housatonic. Every Saturday she offers Drawing As Mindfulness Practice in her upstairs studio. Visit debkoffman.com for event schedule and to see her books, cards, prints and blog about mindfulness and creativity.

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DEB KOFFMAN: Soul Support

Deb Koffman reminds us of what matters.

SOUL SUPPORT: How can we make space for our desires, our fears, our outrage our dreams?

Drawing, writing, dancing, singing are powerful ways to use our energy creatively.

SOUL SUPPORT: My mind is often busy…

Fear tends to disappear when I let go …

SOUL SUPPORT: This might be It

There are so many ways to be with ‘it’.  How we relate to ‘it' is our choice...

SOUL SUPPORT: What does it really mean to be ‘free’…

Notice which voices shut you down, tense you up, make you feel afraid. Notice which voices open your heart...

SOUL SUPPORT: Seeing the same thing differently

Global warming, plastic, presidents, pain, disease, life, death…everything can be seen in another way.

SOUL SUPPORT: Change the story

Telling the story one way makes you feel one way, tell it another way…you might feel a different way, and act differently.

SOUL SUPPORT: Perspective

Anything can be seen in different ways. How we define, interpret or use anything has consequences.

SOUL SUPPORT: Draw what you want into your life…

Fill life every day, every moment, with what you love and cherish.

SOUL SUPPORT: Small Things…A Mindful Practice

Anything we give our full attention to is worthwhile…no matter how small.

Soul Support: LOVE DOUBT

Love is about possibilities; doubt is about resistance.

SOUL SUPPORT: Mindful TV: Watching the breath

Mindful awareness is a great practice in knowing ourselves more deeply.

SOUL SUPPORT: How to cultivate empathy

Sometimes empathy requires staying with something long enough to realize what's really going on.

SOUL SUPPORT: The grumbling experience

In mindfulness practices accepting things as they are is the first step in responding creatively.


In Buddhist teachings there is a practice of 'simply' saying 'yes' to whatever arises in our experience. It is a practice of being with things as they are.

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