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David Noel Edwards is a writer, designer, rattlesnake photographer, and composer of music for film, ballet, and theatre. David began his musical career at the age of four, singing improvised harmonies in church vocal groups. His first serious musical compositions filled three pop music albums released on major record labels of the early 1980s. Radio airplay helped send his “power pop” band on tours of North America and Great Britain, where he opened for Cliff Richard and U2 at the Greenbelt festival. But orchestral music was always his first love, and to this he returned in 2007 when he audited master classes at Tanglewood Music Center while writing the score for a new ballet production of “Dracula,” which premiered in 2008 at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Music for Carl Sprague’s film “Summer,” Wharton Salon’s “Autres Temps,” and Juliane Hiam’s “Belle of the Books” followed, and now David is composing the score for a new ballet of “Pinocchio.” David lives in Canaan, New York.

Articles by David Noel Edwards

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