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David Noel Edwards

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David Noel Edwards is a writer, graphic designer, rattlesnake photographer and composer of incidental music for film, ballet and theater. He began his musical career at age 4, singing in his mother’s church choirs. In the early 1980s, he wrote and performed three pop music albums and fronted the David Edwards Band in tours of North America and Great Britain, opening for acts such as Randy Stonehill, Cliff Richard and U2. In 2007, David returned to his first love—orchestral music—as a composition auditor at the Tanglewood Music Center and as the composer of a new ballet of “Dracula” (http://www.dnedwards.com/dracula_links.html), which premiered in 2008 at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Scores for Carl Sprague’s film “Summer,” Wharton Salon’s “Autres Temps” and Juliane Hiam’s “Belle of the Books” followed. He is now at work on a Beethoven biography for children that will come out in 2020, the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. Although he makes more sweeping generalizations than any writer in the world, David uses hyperbole only in service to the truth. He and his pet tarantula live by Queechy Lake in Canaan, New York.

Articles by David Noel Edwards

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