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Dan Dwyer

Dan Dwyer is an independent theatre reviewer and radio interview host. His radio show, "Off Script," is broadcast on NPR affiliate WHDD Robin Hood Radio. Podcasts of his interviews, along with his reviews, are posted on Dan’s reviews of Broadway musicals appear translated in "Blickpunkt Musical," the German magazine of international musical theater. Dan completed a workshop in directing at Yale University in the summer of 2015, and has directed rehearsed readings at the Berkshire Theatre Group. Dan is proprietor of Johnnycake Books, specializing in rare and collectible books, in Salisbury, Connecticut.

written articles

THEATER REVIEW: ‘A New Brain’ — Finally, a production worthy of the work

Key to Director Joe Calarco's success in this production is the extraordinary ensemble he has cast, more consistently talented than most seen in even the most highly regarded Broadway productions.

THEATER REVIEW: ‘Ragtime’ at Tanglewood—Even better than before

Most striking about “Ragtime” is how it, sadly, is more relevant today than it was in its premiere 25 years ago. With topics of racism, women’s inequality, ant-Semitism, economic and legal injustice, the story holds a mirror up to a contemporary society that seems to be regressing rather than progressing.

THEATER REVIEW: Barrington Stage Company’s production of ‘Waiting for Godot’ plays through September 4

Director Joe Calarco is in top form: His vision of Samuel Becket’s classic is brilliantly conceived and elegantly executed—one of the most exceptional productions I've seen.

A SONDHEIM IN THE BERKS: ‘A Little Night Music’

If "A Little Night Music" has a special place in your heart, this Barrington Stage Company production fills it.

THEATER REVIEW: ‘Guys and Dolls’ soars at Sharon Playhouse

It’s hard to imagine how Sharon Playhouse, under new management and artistic direction, could mount a better production of Loesser’s classic musical comedy. Sharon Playhouse’s “Guys and Dolls,” from beginning to end, is one big smile, something we all could use these days.

THEATER REVIEW: Barrington Stage Company’s ‘Ain’t Misbehavin” is one of ‘the best musicals I have ever seen’

It’s impossible to watch "Ain't Misbehavin'" without finger-snapping, hand-clapping, or sitting still. Of the five performers not one is “better” than the other.

THEATER REVIEW: As an outstanding one-woman drama, ‘The Shot’ puts civics back in theater

"The Shot" is an exemplar of non-profit theater at its most purposeful. The show is produced by SPARK Theatrical, which is dedicated to connecting plays about social justice and human rights with local non-profit organizations to provide audiences with the opportunity for education and action.

‘Kiss My Aztec!’: A kick-az musical satire

Part farce, part satire, "Kiss My Aztec!" is the brainchild of actor and comedian John Leguizamo. The musical runs about 2 ½ hours, with one intermission at the Hartford Stage. It closes June 26.

THEATER REVIEW: ‘A Crossing’ at Barrington Stage is moving, timely

"BSC has produced not only one of the finest musicals in its impressive history of developing new work, but also a moving, inspirational tale of tragedy and hope that is more timely than ever."

OPERA REVIEW: Berkshire Opera Festival’s ‘Falstaff’ was worth waiting for

Dan Dwyer gives the opera high praise, but Friday's performance is its last, so get your tickets now.

THEATER REVIEW: ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ is more than just a play

Under Chester Theatre Company Director Daniel Elihu Kramer, this play "leaves audiences with unexpected counsel for everyday life."

THEATER REVIEW: Barrington Stage’s ‘Sister Sorry’ will stick with you

"It's so superbly acted and so keenly directed, it succeeds as a captivating (almost spellbinding) and provocative 75 minutes of theater."

THEATER REVIEW: Berkshire Theatre Group’s ‘Four Women’ more history lesson than theater

"In a word, the play is talky: it’s sometimes like sitting in a graduate seminar on feminist intra-racial relations."

THEATER REVIEW: Plein Air Plays at Ancram Opera House

"With this trio of original one-acts, AOH shows, once again, that it has the most inventive and creative performing arts summer program around."

THEATER REVIEW: The highs and lows of BSC’s ‘Boca’

"The high points occur in the script’s few moments that legitimately reveal the pathos that underpins comedy."

THEATER REVIEW: ‘Christopher Boy’s Communion’ at Great Barrington Public Theater

The opening scene "recalls the best of Mamet’s writing: angry rhythms, violent staccatos, fraught cadence, pregnant ellipses that typify the best language from arguably the boldest of American 20th century playwrights."

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