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Deborah Golden Alecson

Deborah Golden Alecson is a retired professor in the field of thanatology. She is the author of Lost Lullaby (University of California Press, 1995), We Are So Lightly Here: A Story About Conscious Dying (IntoPrint Press, 2014), Complicated Grief: A Collection of Poems (Finishing Line Press, 2014) and Alternative Treatments for Children Within the Autistic Spectrum (Keats Publishing, 1999). She wrote a monthly column for The Berkshire Eagle entitled “Musings on Mortality.”

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POEM: The Hubris of Human Beings

Surges of ocean revolt Reverence for such unleashed power A symptom, no, outcome Of climate change

Life without Facebook: Deleting my account

I was able to calm down and temper my anxiety by acknowledging that social media is not reality. FB was not feeding my soul, and feeding my soul is what I need, especially in these times.

Cowering under the covers

I know that there are people, lots of people, with personal problems and responsibilities, places they need to be and things they need to do just to survive. They do not have the luxury of staying in bed until their courage kicks in to face the day.

Part 2: Mother and Fan: Journey to Kings Theatre

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more euphoric than seeing my son on the stage playing his astonishing music while I dance with three thousand euphoric people, fans who get his music as do I.

Part I: Mother and fan — a journey to Kings Theatre

After my husband died, one of my greatest concerns was whether I was capable of raising a son on my own without his father’s guidance, a son whose musical gifts were burgeoning.

Poem: Dementia

yes – she remembers that she lived there too then hunkers down to deliver the exact address forgets what she is trying to remember

Massachusetts needs Death with Dignity measure

Those who support death with dignity deem it to be a basic human right. Currently, there are five states in the United States where death with dignity is legal: Oregon, Washington, Montana, New Mexico and Vermont. Each state had come to this status in various ways: through ballot, legislative action, and judicial support.

Poem: Your birth day

your birthday an anchor for my unmoored soul an annual remembrance that you were in this world

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